NCSA 2021 -  2022 Competitive Fees


Credit Card 

  1. sign in to your account
  2. on the side menu: click MY ACCOUNT > SETUP AUTO PAY
  3. click ADD NEW CARD
  4. fill in the credit card details
  5. click SAVE


Please note that the Membership Fee includes NCSA Team Suit, NCSA Team Racing Cap, NCSA T-shirt, and administrative fees.

There is no refund of Registration fees after September 1, 2021. Registration fees are refundable if the withdrawal notice is received 14 days prior to the start of the program (August 17). 


Written withdrawal notice is required by emailing [email protected] 


The effective date of withdrawal will be the last day of the following month from which the notice is given - refer to NCSA Withdrawal and Refund Policy-  


The final day for a notice of withdrawal for NCSA Swimmers is December 31st of the applicable swim season.


No refunds will be granted for withdrawal past December 31st. In the event an NCSA swimmer withdrawals after December 31st, any and all outstanding swim fees for the entire season will be due and payable.


An administrative fee of $50 will be applied to all eligible withdrawals.


Please note there will be a $35 charge for declined credit card transactions.


Should the member's fees be in arrears past 15 days, the member will no longer be considered a member in good standing. Corrective action may include removing the swimmer(s) from the water Member Payment Management Policy- NCSA-012-06.17.2020 


Payment for Dues


Ten (10) equal monthly installments

  Visa or MasterCard - payments processed on the 1st of each month from September 2021 to June 2022. Credit Card transactions will be automatically processed through our website. We do not accept Visa Debit.