NCSA is our competitive swim program. The program is generally for intermediate to expert swimmers ages 7 to 18.

All four competitive swim strokes, proper finishes, dives, and turns are taught in this program by certified CSCA coaches, NCCP level 1 - 3, and Advanced Coaching Diploma coaches. Our season starts in September and ends in July or August dependent on each swimmer's meet schedule. Our swimmers start to train three times a week at our first level and up to 9 times a week in our Performance squad.

NCSA stands out from other competitive swim programs in that we are one of the few teams to follow the Long Term Athlete Develop Model promoted by Swim Canada. Swimmers that are trained too often too young do so at a cost to their future as a swimmer. We are aware that increased workouts and intensity do increase short-term performance, however as the body adapts to the number of workouts, should this happen too early in a swimmer's career, the result too often is in injuries or plateaus. Overtraining is the number one reason swimmers quit. NCSA focuses on fundamentals and technique while building in the training aspect as the swimmers mature.

NCSA Competition Fees

The Nose Creek Swim Association was formed in January 1994. It is an association of the Airdrie Swim Club and the Thornhill Thunderbolts Swim Club. The association's name is taken from the creek that flows through Airdrie and North Calgary. Our logo and colours are a combination of Airdrie's (Orange) and Thornhill Thunderbolt (Purple), both symbols of power, strength, and speed.

In our first year, NCSA distinguished itself by becoming the Top Small Club in Alberta and came in 6th overall in the province. Nationally we placed 42nd.


Workouts are designed to emphasize individual success.

Emphasizing all four swim strokes, starts, and turns to ensure total body fitness. Swimmers also develop tremendous physical endurance.

Swimmers establish friendships with children from all age groups in the club, which contributes to the great team atmosphere. They also establish friendships with swimmers from all over Alberta through competitions.

Regular attendance and constant effort are important for the swimmer's success.

Traveling to out-of-town meets allows the swimmers to experience different locations in Alberta and Canada. By staying with host families at these locations the swimmers learn to be excellent representatives of their family, club, and community.

The physical demand, the mental attitude required and the sense of being part of a caring team all contribute to the 'wellness' of each swimmer.

All Swimmers with a disability are accepted, classified, and incorporated into NCSA's Program.  We believe that swimming is a fun and rewarding life skill that should be accessible to everyone.  To find out more about Para-Swimming please follow this link Para Swimming in Alberta

Special Olympic Swimming
Please follow the link for information on Special Olympic Swimming Programs in Airdrie and Calgary.  Special Olympics-Alberta

Excellent Coaching Staff
The strong performance of this club is a reflection of the high quality of our coaching staff.  All coaches are CSCA registered and NCCP certified. NCSA is a Coach driven program with the support of our board and our volunteered members.

Mission Statement
The goal of the Nose Creek Swim Association is to promote and support a highly competitive swim program, along with offering a pre-competitive development program. NCSA is committed to providing a superior coaching staff accessible to all levels of swimming ability.