Steven Brown Memorial Giving Initiative - Final Report

David Loyola

June 22, 2020


Hello everyone,

Thank you to all those that participated in the Giving Initiative in recognition of Steven’s Memorial meet. The response was wonderful as we received close to 50 submissions – parents and coaches making up about 30% of the responses with the balance from swimmers across all NCSA’s development levels.

It was readily apparent that everyone took the time to deeply ponder the question of “What Swimming Means to You” as the reflections took various forms - from articulate essays, concise emails, videos, hand-written letters to photos and even a poem! Regardless of the varied forms of the submissions there were consistent themes – mindful personal insights, life learnings, gains in confidence, determination, strong work ethic, priceless friendships, fun, physical strength, meeting and beating challenges, a means to maintain our mental health, and an escape to find calm and overcome the stressors of daily life were all common themes shared to express the passion, joy and gifts that swimming have provided – your submissions were truly inspiring and so very uplifting!

Our hope is that through this exercise your love of the sport has been solidified and your passion and commitment has been reignited. As measures are put in place to safely operate within the constraints of COVID-19 it is our hope that we can cautiously look forward to a return to the pool deck with renewed energy and a greater appreciation for the sport of swimming that has given so much to each of us.

Finally, we are happy to share that a contribution of $1,200 dollars has been made to the Calgary Health Trust’s Clean Hands, Giving Hearts – COVID-19 Community Campaign. The monies above the original $1,000 stated goal amount is due to a monetary contribution from Caleb Sharpe that we wanted to match – thank you Caleb for your generosity, kindness and giving heart. Our collective efforts will translate into $3,600 for Calgary’s COVID-19 Community Campaign – we will get through this together!


With joyful hearts, we thank you for sharing your swimming experience with us!

The Browns – Wendy, Colin and Jonathan