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Coaches and Directors
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David Loyola Head Coach - Development & T56 Calgary

My Philosophy: I believe in "Developing Excellence” as a swimmer, as an athlete, as a student and as a person.  While there are common themes to any great program, our swimmers need to understand that there are no shortcuts.  Proper training takes planning, time and commitment.  The average age of Olympians swimmers winning medals is now in the mid to late twenties.  We have time to properly develop our champions.

I believe in the teaching of fundamental in all four strokes.  With this focus on developing a skill diverse swimmer, it will help the swimmers continue to succeed as they mature and grow within our sport.   Longevity and the process of learning the sport is my key focus.  Developing swimmers who are students of our sport.

Specializing and training at an early age will lead to early success.  I’ve learned that there is a cost for this early focus on success.  It will lead to an increase in training injuries and also to early retirement from our sport.  The Alberta records are littered with provincial record holder that never made it past the age of 14-16 in our sport.  We have time.  I want kids moving through our program that are ready to handle the demands of each level.  Not ones that have been pounded into the ground and have very little left in their career.

I try to teach, train and motivate the swimmers to achieve their full potential and to have them understand how this path will help them in all aspects of their lives.

I want to swimmers to dream the big dream, but I also want them to understand the that process of chasing the dream is as beneficial, if not more then achieving the dream itself.

Am I a sprint coach? Am I a distance coach?  I have had success coaching all strokes and distances.  I think my job is a talent developer.  I love teaching swimmers in year one how to start their love with our sport and I love teaching swimmers striving to represent Canada on the international scene.

My hopes are that our program develops athletes who are their own champions of their beliefs.

Dream It! Train It! Live it!

Alexx Diep Ast Head Coach - T56 & Masters

I am very excited about this season! I am currently enrolled in the Advance Coaching Diploma at the Canadian Sport institute and this program is really challenging me on all aspects in regards to enhancing my work with NCSA. It challenges me to create a 2.0 version of myself, a more advanced version that will benefit both my coaching development and the swimmer's experience under my tutelage.  I've gathered an extensive collection of knowledge and experience in my 20+ years in coaching, this program is helping me consolidate all of them so I can better service my swimmers, the NCSA members at large and the coaching staff.

I am also a member of the Canadian Chartered Professional Coach which holds me to the highest standards of professionalism in coaching. I value: integrity, respect, honesty, an open mind and empathy, these pieces will guide me in my decision making to ensure all swimmers will be treated fairly. 
Away from the pool, I am a father of two kids. I truly enjoy my family time with them and my wife. I'm constantly in search of balance in my life but it seems like I am always a step or two behind. 
My favorite quote is: "On the top!" - in a hard set, no matter how hard it is, how difficult the task is, how scare you are, you leave on the top and you do your very best. Again, again, and again.
Alex Schultze Performance - Repsol

It’s about developing smart and independent athletes. We give the kids the tools to build great strokes. We give the kids the racing strategies and tactics and we provide an environment where these skills can be tested daily. We build workouts designed to create success. Success from hitting performance benchmarks in workouts and success from achieving technical skills. Each small victory helps develop the confidence to execute those skills on command with known and repeatable results. They know what they can do and, more importantly, they do them on a daily basis. By the time a big meet comes up the races themselves become a follow through of our training. 

But it starts with a small victory. Empowering the kids to learn for themselves and adapt to the small challenges issued on a daily basis. Learning from one day to the next and taking ownership in their training. I become another tool in their kit on the road to being a better athlete. 

Robin Loyola Development & T45 - Airdrie

I started coaching because of my love of swimming. I wanted to give back to the sport that has given me so much. My goal as a coach is to ensure that every swimmer gains the fundamentals needed to achieve any future goal they set their mind to. Leave no doors of opportunity closed off. Swimming is a passion of mine that I want to share with every swimmer that I have the privilege to coach. Swimming has personally made me stronger, both physically and mentally, more dedicated and determined. It has also given me the confidence that has made me approach everything in life with the determination to succeed.


I truly believe and live by the quote from Augusta F. Kantra " Discipline is choosing between what you want now and what you want most."


Danyelle Loyola T45 Coach
I swam competitively for NCSA from 1996 – 2011. This club was my second family, the teammates and coaches all played a large part in my life growing up. The pride I felt wearing the NCSA made it very hard to move on from NCSA when I went on to university and swam with the U of C Dinos for five years. In those five years, I competed at the National level and helped my team towards several podium finishes at the Canadian University Nationals.
This is my 10th year of coaching.  I coach because I love the sport. I love the sport because of what it has given me. I believe that through swimming you learn through the challenges you face. The dedication you learn growing up in a sport has been a huge aspect of my life. I hope that in my coaching I can pave the pathway for my swimmer to develop skills not only in swimming but also in their life to make them better.
Linda Bruce Development & T45 Assistant - Airdrie


I swam when I was young for two swim clubs in Nova Scotia.  Very quickly it became clear that breaststroke was my strength.  I left swimming in high school but would find my way back to swimming over the years.

My three boys all swam for NCSS or NCSA. My youngest swam competitively and finished at the end of high school.  While he swam I took the opportunity to get involved with the club in more depth.  I was President of the board for three years and completed one year as Past President.

In 2010 I started swimming again to compete in Triathlon.  In 2013 I started swimming with NCSA Masters to facilitate triathlon training.  In 2017 I decided to compete at Alberta Masters Provincials and medalled in three events.  In 2018 I competed again in Provincials and added Nationals and medalled in both meets.

I love the sport of swimming and I am pleased to bring my passion to your swimmers.

Amber Letendre Development Assistant - Calgary

I owe everything that I am to swimming. It taught me self-discipline, self-awareness, perseverance and to also trust the process of training.

I started swimming at the age of 10 to spend more time with a friend, not knowing exactly how enlightening that path would become. By the age of 12, I did my first international training camp and competition in Arizona, and continued to focus on self-improvement and honing skills at the national level until leaving the sport at the age of 15. I was injured, burnt out and bullied. Because of this, I know the importance of a team environment and injury prevention, and have become passionate about advocating awareness while incorporating this into every practice. In swimming, team activation and stretching are key fundamentals I like to see in dryland.

NCSA has always welcomed me with open arms, making me feel at home. I have always regretted leaving the sport, and 10+ years later, I am now swimming with their Masters program and seeking redemption. I coached their pre-competitive group for a season and had so much fun making connections. Now as an age group assistant coach at Thornhill, I am thrilled to be coaching and learning with this team-- I am right where I need to be.

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