NCSA Competitive Registration 2022 - 2023

Open for Returning Members

6/20/22 - 5/4/23

Open for New Members

6/20/22 - 6/30/23


Welcome to the Nose Creek Swim Association (NCSA) Electronic Registration for our 2022/2023 competitive swim season!



NCSA has deep roots, strong leadership, and because of this has become a family. Our coaches care and give individual attention to each athlete while fostering the development of skills for success in the pool while building life skills for long term well being. 

Build the Person, Build the Athlete, Build the Swimmer.

Dream it, Train it, Live it!




The goal of the Nose Creek Swim Association is to promote and support a highly competitive swim program, along with offering a pre-competitive development program. NCSA is committed to providing a superior coaching staff accessible to all levels of swimming ability.


PLEASE READ and make note of all of the information carefully as you will be agreeing to all the terms stated within this package. 




The information NCSA collects from each member is based on their agreed consent governed by the Alberta Personal Information Privacy Act. This information is stored and safeguarded as per our NCSA Privacy and Communications Policy NCSA-010-06.17.2020. 


NCSA will only interact and deal directly with the member as governed by PIPA. Only the member can provide consent and/or share personal information or that of their swimmer(s).


When registering, please include the following:


Full (first and last) names of ALL parents/guardians


Email address for ALL parents/guardians


We want to ensure communication is reaching all family members.




Please register your swimmer in the squad as per their recommendation.


Development - Dev - 3 times per week


Learn to Train - L2T4 - 4 times per week


Train to Train 5 - T2T5 - 5 times per week


Train to Train 6 - T2T6 - 6 times per week 


Performance - Per - 7 + workouts per week


Please contact your coach or NCSA's Director of Swimming, Dave Loyola, should you require further clarification.