What is a NCSS Fun Meet?

The NCSS Fun Meet is an event for our swimmers to showcase their progress to families and friends. The purpose of this event is to introduce competitive swimming in a fun and safe environment.

When do these events take place?

NCSS Fun Meets take place twice a season, the last workout in December before the holiday break and the last workout for the season in May. 

The time is 5:00 - 7:00 PM for all swimmers regardless of when or where your swimmer's regular workout takes place.

Where do these events take place?

At Airdrie's Genesis Place, 800 East Lake Blvd. These events take place in Airdrie as the facility can accommodate the size of the event and the celebration after the races. Directions to the event can be found below.

Are there any outside costs to participate?

No, this event is included in your swimmer's registration fees.

Why are the stages separated?

The event becomes too long and too big with all the stages at once which can be overwhelming for our younger swimmers.

How do I sign up my swimmer for this event?

Closer to the date of the event, you will receive an information email. In this email, we will request you to let us know if your swimmer will not be participating in the event. If your swimmer is planning on attending, there is no action required on your part.

What happens after the races?

In December we have hot dogs and treats in the McDonald's Playroom. Third room on the right when you first enter Genesis Place from the Aquatic Entrance. There is always enough for siblings and parents to enjoy a hot dog as well.

In May we have a summer treat that the coaches hand out in the lobby. Again, we always have enough for siblings as well as the swimmers.

What if we have to leave early?

No problem! We understand that the event takes place at a busy time of year. If your swimmer has to leave early, just let our team manager or their coach know. We would rather them leave early than not attend this event.

How can I get my swimmer's progress report if we can't attend the event?

Just let your coach know and they will provide it before the fun meet. If they don't have it ready, it will be emailed to you.

What to expect at the NCSS Fun Swim Meet  

Going to a swim meet can be a little overwhelming, so the following are a few tips to make it easier.

What to bring:

• Swim suit

• Goggles

• NCSA swim cap 

• 2 big towels, you will need at least one during the meet to dry off after each race and then another one at the end of the meet.

What to expect

Unless you are there very early, when you first walk into the pool, expect to see CHAOS!!!! To the newcomer, it appears much worse than it is.

What to do – Find your coach.

First thing to do is, find your coach. Although they have some running around to do, coaches will try to be on the deck. If you don’t see them right away - don’t panic - just keep looking around.

Each swimmer’s name will be on a sheet of paper taped on the wall by the diving boards, find your name and wait in front of your name.

For the Parents

Directions to Genesis Place - 800 East Lake Blvd, Airdrie

Take the 2nd exit (this is VERY important) coming into Airdrie, merge right. There will be a Tim Horton’s on your left and a Wendy’s on your right. You will see a set of lights ahead of you, drive straight through, you will be in Genesis Place parking lot. Please use the entrance across from the Super 8 hotel as this is the aquatic entrance.  

Please print off a program or write down which heat your swimmer is in as we run a “green” meet.

Programs will be emailed out the day before the fun meet.

Seating will be provided in and above the pool viewing area. If you are concerned about having a seat, please come early. Please do not send food with your swimmer, as no food or drink is allowed on the pool deck or in the lower viewing area. Please do not stand in front of other families that came early to get a seat.

If a swimmer is not strong enough to swim a lap on their own, their coach or a volunteer competitive swimmer will be within arm’s reach for the entire lap.

The meet is to begin at 5:00pm, please have your swimmer, ready to swim and on deck prior to this time. After warm –up the meet will begin. The heat that is currently in the water will be written on a white board that will be on deck.

After your swimmer has swum all 4 of their races, have them ask their coach if they can go change, as past years, if time permits, we sometime do an extra race.

PLEASE NOTE - Swimmers are not allowed in the hot tub.

  • Tuesday, Dec 14th 
    • ​​​Stage 1 Fun Meet – last class until Jan 4th
    • Stage 2 Fun Meet – last class until Jan 4th
  • Thursday, Dec 16th
    • Stage 3 Fun Meet – last class until Jan 4th
    • Fundamental Fun Meet – last class until Jan 4th

To further clarify:

Dec 14th – all swimmers from both Airdrie and Calgary in stage 1 & 2 attend the fun meet in Airdrie from 5:00 to 6:30 PM.

Regular workout for Calgary Stage 3 and no workout for Airdrie Stage 3 or Fundamentals.

Dec 16th – all swimmers from both Airdrie and Calgary in stage 3 and Fundamentals attend the fun meet in Airdrie from 5:00 – 6:30 PM.

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