Nose Creek Shark School NEWSLETTER – October 2022


Welcome to our second newsletter of the swim season! 


Our club has its own website:, which is a great source of information.  Should you have any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me either by email, [email protected] or call at 403-948-7895.


Upcoming bottle drive!


When: November 5th - 9:30 am - 12:00 noon

Where: Airdrie Walmart

NCSS fundraises for three very important reasons:

  • to raise funds that go directly towards the operating costs of our program, in turn making our program more affordable for more families

  • for our swimmers to directly engage in volunteering in turn teaching valuable life lessons

  • Bring awareness to our program within our communities


We ask that all NCSS families participate in two out of the four bottle drives NCSA hosts each season. We would love to see more NCSS families at the upcoming bottle drive next weekend!


Important Dates to Remember!


Other than the NCSS Fun Meets, which take place in December and May, NCSS Fun Events take place during your swimmer’s regular workout. As we teach in progressions, the events are a way to ensure all fundamental skills are taught.

More information about NCSS Fun Meets will be provided closer to the date of the event.


November 24th    NCSS Fun Event - 25 Back

December 13th     NCSS Fun Meet for Stage 1 & 2 - Progress Reports

December 15th    NCSS Fun Meet for Stage 3 & Fundamentals - Progress Reports

January 10th        1st workout after Christmas Break

January 26th        NCSS Fun Event - 25 Free

February 23rd     NCSS Fun Event - 25 Body Dolphin

March 30th        NCSS Fun Event - 25 Breast Kick - Progress Slips

April 27th        NCSS Fun Event - Games/Relays

May 25th        NCSS Fun Meet for Stage 1 & 2 - Progress Reports

May 30th        NCSS Fun Meet for Stage 3 & Fundamentals - Progress Reports    




If your swimmer has shoulder-length hair or longer, they must wear the NCSA team cap as their hair will interfere with focus and skills.  Please ensure your swimmer has proper fitting goggles prior to the start of each class. We do recommend that swimmers have at least two pairs in the event that one pair goes missing or breaks.




Each month, we will be awarding athletes that stand apart from their group for exceptional effort and attitude. 




David Loyola

  • 28th Season with NCSA as Director of Swimming

  • Currently coaching T2T6 Competitive Squad

  • NCCP Level 3


Robin Loyola

  • 18th Season with NCSA as Head Age Group Coach and Team Manager

  • Currently coaching T2T5 Competitive Squad

  • NCCP Level 2


Chad Thompson

  • 2nd Season with NCSA 

  • Currently coaching Development Competitive Squad

  • NCCP Level 1





Cecilia Wessels – Fundamentals


We worked on IM this month. IM is an Individual Medley comprising of Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke, and Freestyle, swam (or kicked) consecutively. We had a 25m IM-day, then a 50m IM-day, and finished off the week with a 100m-IM day. I am very proud of our group, as each swimmer did their very best and it is wonderful to see the team support each other. We also had our 2nd Freestyle and Backstroke 50m races with and without fins on. Our goal is to show time improvements in these races as our skill and stamina improves. For November we will continue to learn Breaststroke and Butterfly kick.  


Naisha Singhania is our October Swimmer of the Month.  Naisha has 100% attendance and is always ready to assist her fellow team mates. Her tenacity and attitude is why I have chosen her for the Swimmer of the Month.


Morgan Guinn - Stage 3


Everyone is doing amazing in the water! For the past few weeks, we have been working on freestyle. We are focusing on a strong body position with flat hips at the surface. We are also working on our ready-positions off the wall, wanting to see the swimmer's hand following the eyes and travelling behind the head. In the coming weeks we will continue working on these skills. 


The stage 3 Airdrie swimmer of the month is… Owen Channing!


Owen always comes to swimming ready to work hard! He is super positive and you can count on him to have a smile on his face! He gives his best effort and wants to improve. Owen is always ready to challenge himself and try hard things. He likes freestyle and it shows when he swims because he has great form. Keep up the awesome work Owen! 


Isabella Coco – Stage 2


This month we have been heavily focused on freestyle—kick and stroke—as well as fine tuning good habits such as streamlines and ready positions! With the work on backstroke from September and freestyle from this month, I’m seeing a lot of great potential, and am excited to see these skills applied during our Fun Meet in December. I'm extremely proud of everyone’s progression and tenacity with the more daunting drills, keep up the fantastic work, swimmers! 


Just a friendly reminder for parents—to allow your swimmer to make the most out of their session, please make sure they have their cap and goggles on prior to their swim time starting, and that the swimmers do their very best to be on time! Happy Halloween, everyone! 


Swimmer of the month:

Devon Lu. Devon shows such amazing promise and is always a fantastic listener, he is a great example for his teammates and is always a joy to coach! Keep up the amazing work, Devon! 


Adam Fedorko – Stage 1


This month we have been working on our body position and kick, two fundamental skills that form the foundation of swimming. We have mainly been working on kicking with straighter legs and ready positions on the wall, both areas where I have seen improvement. Going into November we will start adding our arms to our swimming as we start to assemble the full stroke. 


Our Stage 1 swimmer of the month is Mason Durech for his overall improvement, enthusiasm, and great attitude! Congrats!


Victoria Haynes – Stage 1 


With October coming to an end, the swimmers have had a lot of progress this past month. We started working on freestyle kick and back kick with the main focus on straighter legs straight and eyes on the ceiling. In November we will continue to strengthen these skills and create new ones. Another great month, keep it up!! 


Cecilia Wessles  – Stage 1


We are focusing on a super tight streamline while diving, kicking, and full stroke swimming. I must mention that this group has great dolphin kicks. We aim to have one 25m practice once a month moving forward into November and December. 


Cheye-Anne Wessels – Stage 1


This month we have been focusing on our powerful kicking on our front, backs, and sides. We have also been working on our underwater. We are doing great at kicking without stopping and having lots of fun at the same time.




Maddy Kufflick – Stage 3


October was a great month for the group. I have gotten to know each swimmer and they are all extremely awesome individuals! We started the month working on backstroke and are ending the month off with freestyle. The swimmers have mastered front and back body positions but we are still working on being consistent when pushing off the walls in ready position and a streamline. I can't wait for November when I will be introducing butterfly kick as well as working with the clock!


The swimmer of October is Liam George, for being extremely respectful and having an awesome attitude!


Alexandra Bird – Stage 2


This month, the swimmers have worked on their free kick as well as body position. Their freestyle pull is coming along nicely. We have started focusing on back body position as well as strokes. The swimmers are able to kick on their backs. 


The stage 2 swimmer of the month is Anwesha Dakua! She has been super focused this past month and has made great progress. She listens well and works hard! Keep up the awesome work!


Georgia Harder – Stage 1


Our swimmers have been improving their skills immensely. They have maintained their keenness and smiley attitudes towards trying new things. This has helped a lot with the group's cohesiveness and I am very grateful that we are all able to work together with ease. We have been building skills towards having proper and efficient freestyle kick, and their response has been impressive. They are beginning to remember all their proper technique independently, which will be an amazing skill as we continue on with building strength. In addition, they have also perfected their ready position on the wall. In these next few weeks, we will be continuing to work on building strength in their freestyle skills, in their breathing techniques and overall gaining higher confidence in the water. 


Swimmer of the Month:


The NCSS Stage 1 swimmer of the month for September is Owen Rutkunas!


Owen has demonstrated fantastic listening skills and amazing keenness towards trying new techniques and drills. His skills have improved exponentially since the beginning of the season thanks to this enthusiasm. He sets a lovely example by always having a positive attitude, and helps greatly with maintaining our determined and friendly environment. 

Zafar Khan – Stage 1


This month we’ve continued our work with the back and free kick while introducing new drills while switching between sides, back, and front. We’ve also started working on longer distances as well as introducing turns and streamline. The swimmers are consistently showing progress with these skills and are facing every new challenge head on! Over the next while we will start building full backstroke and freestyle strokes and will continue to develop kicking. Let's make this next month the best one yet! 


Naomi Pankiw – Stage 1


This month we worked on streamline, ready position and Free body position/kick. The swimmers have been working really hard and are taking corrections to body position really well. I look forward to seeing how they do with the other strokes we will be working on this year.


Robbie Trumper – Stage 1


This month my group focused on free kick which will lead into incorporating arms next month. Everyone is working hard and I am really enjoying coaching my group. Going forward, we will continue to focus on freestyle with the addition of backstroke.