Volunteer Commitment

Sandra (Registrar) Buckle
Feb 5, 2019

The membership accepted a new volunteer commitment that will apply to families in the Bronze, Silver & Gold groups. Families will be expected to volunteer 15 hours of time (per family) throughout the swim season or pay a fee of $375. Half of the hours need to be completed before the end of January, 2019 or a $187.50 charge applies. Families who have not completed the Timer Course to become a beginner official will be required to complete this course as part of their commitment; this is equal to 1 hour of volunteer time.

Volunteer Signup: In order to have your volunteer time counted it is Required that you register for the job on the Job Sign-up page for the Event on our website.

Some activities that count for volunteer hours are as follows:

- Swim Official – if at an away meet please let us know that you have done this

- Volunteering to help with food, table set up and selling food, tickets and programs when our team is hosting a swim meet

- Helping with fundraising, e.g Bottle drive

- Chaperone

- Board Members can use their meetings towards volunteer hours