The equipment listed below is required at practice for all NKB swimmers.







Performance Elite


Black and/or Green.

Recommended: Finis Team Backpack

Yoga Mat

Personal preference to use with indoor/outdoor dryland

Mesh Bag

Personal preference to use to carry all training equipment.

Recommended: Finis Mesh Gear Bag


Personal preference, any version or colour that is comfortable.


Team caps only for all training and competition. Can be purchased from coaches or at the office.

Training Fins

*Required Brand/Style - No exceptions*

Senior/Performance Elite: Arena Powerfin Pro Fins

Performance: Arena Powerfin Pro, TYR Crossblade or Speedo Switchblade

Youth: TYR Crossblade or Speedo Switchblade


Junior sized kickboards. Pull kicks are also acceptable in lieu of a kickboard.

Recommended: Finis Standard Kickboard - Jr. Size




Pull Buoy/Pull Kick

Personal preference on size and style.

Recommended: Finis Foam Pull Buoy, Speedo Pullkick


Training snorkels (comes up the center of the face over the nose and foreheads NOT to the side).

Recommended: Finis Original Swimmer’s Snorkel or Finis Glide Snorkel

Finger Paddles

Recommended: Finis Instinct Paddle


Hand Paddles

*Required Brand/Style - No exceptions*

Finis Agility Paddles



Size: 20cm/8in.

Recommended: Finis Swim Parachute (Red size)




Recommended Meet Equipment

Swimmers are encouraged to bring the equipment listed below to swim meets:

  • Team suit
    • 12 & Under: Team suit
    • 13 & Over: Team suit or Black and/or Green for competition, per guidelines in Club Handbook
  • Team cap & spare
    • Caps are available from the NKB office or from the coaches on deck
  • Goggles & spare
    • Things happen to goggles, they break, they disappear, they leak
  • Team uniform
    • Team shirt and black bottoms.
    • Any additional items worn should be black and/or green
  • Towel
    • At least one, but more is better as they typically get very wet through a session
  • Water Bottle
  • Lock
  • Something to pass the time in between events
    • A book, pack of cards, etc.
  • Easily digestible snacks.
    • There is a lot of trial and error here to find out what works best for your swimmer. Watered down juice, trail mix, arrowroot cookies, fruit and jello are all things that swimmers usually tolerate. Candy, pop, chips etc are not good substitutes. Swimmers do not need to bring their mesh gear bags to meets, just practice.

Swimmers DO NOT need to bring their mesh gear bags to meets but DO need to bring their mesh bags to practice.

NKB Equipment Shop

NKB has an equipment shop with GoSwim You can order equipment through their online store at