Service Commitment

NKB enables swimmers to excel. This excellence starts with the commitment the coaches make to a swimmer's all around development, is seen through the commitment a swimmer makes to the sport, and we find success when the entire NKB community - coaches, swimmers, and families - come together throughout. Therefore families also make a service commitment to the NKB community when they become a member.

NKB is a not-for-profit organization operated by parent members. Participation by members in club operations is paramount to the success of NKB.  Without their efforts NKB could not operate, most notably in regards to NKB hosted swim meets. It is important that all families understand their service commitment and the various positions requiring their support.

The links provided below will help you understand more about service at swim meets, where the majority of support is needed, as well as other opportunities to fulfill your service commitment to NKB.

Please see the NKB Club Handbook for additional opportunities to support the club and for full details regarding the Service Commitment requirements for swimmers and their families.