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Athlete Meet Responsibilities

Swimmers should arrive at the pool 15 minutes prior to the start of warm-ups. The only exception to this rule is for championship meets, and that exception must be confirmed by a coach. Swimmers, regardless of age, are expected to sit with the team, cheer on their teammates, and prepare appropriately for their events at the direction of their coach.

Before the swimmer departs for their event, they are to report to their respective coach for pre-race instruction. After the race they should report to their coach for feedback. Between races swimmers should keep warm, dry, well-hydrated, and relaxed, while displaying good sportsmanship, listening/watching for their own events, and staying positive. 

At a meet, proper nutrition is of the utmost importance. Swimmers should drink lots of fluids and consume healthy snacks.

Equipment Checklist

1. Swimsuit (more than one if possible)

2. Goggles (more than one pair if possible)

3. SSAT cap (more than one if possible)

4. Towel (more than one if possible)

5. Purple SSAT t-shirt

6. Warm deck clothes

7. Healthy snacks

8. Water bottle

9. Something to keep occupied between races (use of electronics should be limited)