Building an inclusive environment wherein all athletes are challenged to be their best.​

Coaches and Directors

Coaches and Directors
Coaching Staff
Erin Banton Age Group Coach

In the fall of 2013, Erin Banton moved to Sault Ste Marie where she became a part-time coach for NSAC. Although she is a forester by trade, Erin brought many swimming related experiences to the club including her time spent as a senior swim official, executive member, meet manager and masters swimming club president but also her experiences as both a masters swimmer and the parent of 2 competitive swimmers. Currently, Erin is a Level 2 coach dedicated to coaching the Age Group program where she challenges these athletes to achieve their goals by providing a balance between the fundamentals of all 4 strokes combined with increased endurance/stamina. She celebrates success both in training and in competition all the while helping these athletes become accountable, independent and responsible young adults that will be prepared for a seamless transition into the Senior group.

Board of Directors
Franca Broadbent President
Peter Bennetto Vice President
Sarah Haas Secretary
Leslie Moreau Treasurer
Jason Parks Registrar
Kirk Reid Meet Manager
Julie Clement Fundraising Chair