Club Sports Physiotherapist

Amber Baird 






Amber Baird is a registered physiotherapist working at LifeSpring Physiotherapy in Aurora. She is a member of Sport Physiotherapy Canada as well as Orthopaedics Canada. Additionally, Amber has certificates in acupuncture and sport first responding. Amber has a Masters degree in Physiotherapy and an undergraduate degree in Kinesiology. 


Growing up, Amber competed at the National level in swimming, attending 3 Olympic trials. She swam for the Guelph Marlins, as well as the University of Western Ontario Varsity Team where she was also captain. 


Amber’s past as a competitive athlete plays a huge role in her physiotherapy practice, she is interested in injuries experienced by elite athletes, and has experiencing working with a wide range of athletes from different sporting domains. Additionally, Amber is interested in injuries affecting young, developing athletes, and female athletes and has conducted research in both areas.