Vision Statement:

Developing great kids that swim really, really fast.


Developing kids that swim really, really fast!

Our Mission Statement

The Newmarket Stingrays Swim Club strives to develop exceptional athletes who learn to make decisions on their own, achieve their goals through hard work and determination, and respect those around them both in and out of the pool.

The Newmarket Stingrays Swim Club is a volunteer run, not for profit organization that  has been developing swimming excellence in York Region since the mid 1970's.  Dedicated to the sport of competitive swimming, the Stingrays' Club philosophy emphasizes helping every swimmer be the best they can be, both in the pool and in the community, regardless of ability.

Our Operating Values

  • Retention of swimmers
  • Avoiding swimmers plateauing
  • Swimmers having a good social experience
  • Create a club that would allow swimmers to reach their potential