Fund from the Heart

What is Fund from the Heart?

Fund from the Heart (FFTH) offers temporary financial relief for member families who are presented with life crises that impact their ability to pay for membership and/or travel meets. The fund has been established through donations from existing members on an annual basis as well as transfer of excess credits from graduating families who have excess participation credits. The Fund has an established maximum which will be accumulated. Funds generated above this amount, as set by the Board of Directors, will be transferred to the general operating fund of the Club and on an annual basis the Board of Directors will determine where such funds will be allocated, if available.

A committee comprised of the Club Treasurer, Membership Director and one other individual appointed by the Board of Directors will review all submissions. Decisions of the committee must be unanimous.

Criteria for Eligibility:

Funding is available to members of the AG5 group and up who have been with the Club at least one full year.  Swimmer attendance must be a minimum of 75% over the last 12 months.
A positive attitude towards the Club, the program, the Coaching staff, and fellow swimmers must be demonstrated by the swimmer and their family.  A commitment to improvement must be present; current performance is important but not a critical determining factor.

Applicant must be a member in good standing (i.e. no outstanding fees, no breeches of code of conduct, etc.).

The member family must have met a minimum participation credit benchmark for the previous year. The minimum required is 400 credits to qualify for the base amount. 800 or more credits are required for the maximum distribution. Special circumstances (which must be outlined in writing) will be considered for those who have earned between 200-400 credits with an implied commitment to increase the amount of participation in the Club.

Benefits Paid from the Fund:  

Based on 6 equal payments over a swim season, one or two of those payments may be paid for by FFTH. 

Applications may also be made for travel subsidy to travel swim meets. Optional non-championship meets may be accessed once per season (not to be accessed more than once every two years). The subsidy will be set in the fall for the season by the committee members. Currently the amount is $250.
Members who qualify for Championship meets who demonstrate financial need may access FFTH once per season. The committee will review the cost of the meet, the financial need, and the importance of the experience on a case by case basis and set the amount accordingly.

How to Access the Fund:

A written/email request must be submitted to one of the listed committee members. A general statement about the reasons for the application and the current financial situation of the member family is necessary. A spirit of mutual trust is implied.   Applications made to the program will be kept strictly confidential.

Revised April 24, 2014