Bingo is a major fundraiser for the Newmarket Stingrays, and continues to be the most consistent fundraising vehicle we have. Bingo sessions run on Monday afternoon from 11:45 to 3:00pm. Your duties consist of collecting expired Bingo cards, light cleaning duties, and simply be courteous to patrons.

If interested bingo volunteers are always needed, you do not need to volunteer every week, just let us know when you are available. Anyone over the age of 18 may work Bingo.



Bingo World & Gaming are excited to announce that they will be re-opening their doors on Friday, July 24, 2020 ~ Hours: 11:00 AM - Midnight (7 Days a Week)

Bingo will not be offered at this time, however the TapTix / Tap&Play will be offered, on both the cabinets and table top monitors, with a capacity of 50 customers. Masks are mandatory and there will be safety measures in place for everyone entering the centre.

For more information on the centre's hours, products and safety measures, please visit their website

This is exciting news for all of our members!

NOTE: It is mandatory that every current, registered volunteer who has not taken online training to complete the new training as a refresher. Shadowing for refresher training is not required. Completion of refresher training for current Charitable Gaming Volunteers will be required within a month of volunteers being permitted to return to the centre.

We will be in touch with all of our bingo volunteers once more information is provided by Bingo World. 

Other Fundraising Opportunities

The Newmarket Stingrays are always looking for new fundraising opportunities - especially ones that can involve the general public and not have to rely solely on our members.

If you have any ideas, please send them along to Lisa at Cakeoholics [email protected]