Bingo continues to be the most consistent & major fundraising vehicle for the Newmarket Stingrays. Bingo is a unique mutually beneficial opportunity where the club earns fundraising revenue and the Bingo workers are also compensated.


Each Stingray member is charged a $120 bingo commitment fee for each swim season. This covers the cost of providing workers at each bingo session, that are run by the stingray's swim club.


Each session requires two workers that are paid at the end of each session worked. The workers can earn back the bingo commitment fee and more! The Bingo worker's duties consist of collecting expired Bingo cards, light cleaning duties, and simply being courteous to patrons. Bingo workers are always needed and do not have to volunteer every week, The shifts worked will be scheduled according to availability of the workers.


Anyone (including family and friends of a Stingray) over the age of 18 may work at Bingo. Each bingo volunteer is compensated $60 per session worked.


Bingo is currently located at


Bingo World

1230 Kerrisdale Blvd

Newmarket Ontario


For more information on the centre's hours, products and safety measures, visit their website


NOTE: It is mandatory that every bingo worker complete the Charitable Gaming Training Course.


Other Fundraising Opportunities

The Newmarket Stingrays are always looking for new fundraising opportunities - especially ones that can involve the general public and not have to rely solely on our members. If you have any ideas, please send them to Lisa at Cakeoholics [email protected]