2020-2021 Final Schedule Released

The Town of Newmarket has hustled to be able to offer us the opportunity to return to the MAGNA Centre pool on Monday, July 19th, a full two weeks earlier than we had initially forecasted.

We are publishing a new (and final) Season End Schedule today with 4 weeks of swimming as part of the schedule.  Schedules are available in your email inbox and on our website under the 'Swimmers' tab,

The club has decided to subsidize some of the costs of this season ending schedule so the remainder of the 4 weeks will be billed at $250 per swimmer.   We will offer the option to split the 4-week session.  If you swimmer can only attend two weeks of the swim schedule you may opt-out for 2 weeks and be billed $125.

We do have an important ask because there are fees associated, could you please message Team Manager Danica Garbett in our office and confirm how your swimmers will participate

  1. Full opt-out, no participation
  2. Partial opt-out, 2-week participation
  3. Full 4-week participation

EARLIER COMPLETE OPT OUTS – if your family opted out completely earlier in the summer, we will assume your swimmer will continue to opt out completely and you will not be billed.  If you would like to change your swimmer’s status and opt back in please message Danica.

For those who only partially opted out earlier in the summer we will ask you to re-confirm your status, sorry for the inconvenience as we did have a number of partial opt-outs that we solely based on our return to the pool date and we would rather be accurate than make incorrect assumptions.

The earlier you can message Danica with your intentions the easier everything will work.  If your family could confirm with the office by Sunday, July 18th that would be greatly appreciated.  We apologize for the rush but we want to be able to get back in the water as soon as possible and this is what we need to do to achieve that goal.

If anyone has any additional questions you may message Danica if they are related to administration/payments or to your Stingrays group coach.

Thank you to everyone who has remained so positive about our programming in this challenging year. We all realize it has been far from ideal but there has been an abundance of positivity around practices since we have returned and it's been very enjoyable and our entire staff looks forward to ending this season on a high note.