October 30th Time Trial Notes

Dave Ling

Heat Sheets and Swimming Canada Competition Safety Warm-Up Procedures:
These are posted on the website and will NOT be posted on the wall at the pool.  Please review Warm-Up Procedures and check heat and lane assignments prior to arriving at the pool.  Coaches will have extra copies of heat sheets.  Swimmers should stay on deck and monitor progress of the meet so they are ready to be marshalled for their races. There is a 100m choice event in the meet.  Swimmers can refer to the list posted on the website to determine which stroke they will swim during this event.  

Deck Access for swimmers:
Please allow time for screening at entrance of Magna

AG1/AG2 6:15 to 6:45AM
National Senior 6:45 - 7:15
* During warm-up, no more than 6 swimmers per lane, and no gathering at the wall.  

Masks are to be worn at all times in the facility and only removed just before entering the water.  Masks must be put on immediately after a swimmer exits the water.   It is recommended that swimmers bring a zip-loc back with their name on it to store their mask while they are in the water.  Swimmers may want to bring extra masks.

Swimmer Briefing:
After warm-up is complete, swimmers are to remain on deck for instructions from the referee.  Swimmers will be given directions regarding marshalling, traffic flow on deck, whistles used to start the "100 choice" event.

Session Schedule:
7:15am Demonstration for marshalling and starts/finish
Racing will begin at 7:30am and conclude by 9:30am. Session report is posted to the website.

Swimmers please use the men's and women's changerooms for the pool.  During the meet, the Town of Newmarket has lessons running in the tot pool and those patrons will be using the family changeroom.

Traffic Flow:
Leaving the changerooms, swimmers will walk toward the shallow end of the pool to proceed to the stands.  Swimmers should cross the deck between the main pool and the tot pool, so that we do not interfere with swimming lesson patrons at the far south-end of the pool deck.

The upper level spectator gallery will be open.  In order to ensure appropriate physical distancing Swim Ontario has asked that no more than one specator per swimmer attend.  Spectators will be required to keep masks on while in the gallery.  No spectators will be allowed in the main hallway looking into the pool through the window at the south-end of the pool.