Preliminary Lockdown Information

Dave Ling

We are back in a situation where the pandemic is going to put a hole in the swim season.  Unfortunatley we have had too much experience in this realm over the last two years.  The start of the Splash program's second cycle has been delayed until the end of this lockdown.  The club will run regularly scheduled practices tomorrow (January 4th) and then as of Wednesday, January 4th all our programs will be on hold with the possible exception of those swimmers who have qualified for Sr. Nationals and qualify for a Provincial high performance exemption.

From a programming perspective your Newmarket Stingrays group coach will be in touch regarding any at-home pandemic workout programming that might run for each group.

The club's Board of Directors will discuss the membership considerations of this lockdown and communication on this aspect should come out later this week.

We will continue to work with our pool partners and other facility partners to ensure that once restrictions are lifted our club will be positioned to re-start as quickly as possible.

I'm sorry, this is not the news any of us were hoping for but we will do our best to navigate the lockdown as gracefully as possible and come out the other end of the lockdown highly motivated for some good swimming in 2022.

If you have any addtional questions please get in touch with your Newmarket Stingrays group coach or broader questions can be directed to our Team Manager Colette Fitzgerald.