Becoming a Swim Official - Where to Start

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  • Officiating Education & Development Pathway

  • Links to Officiating Levels & Certification

  • Swimming Canada Eduation System

  • Newmarket Stingrays Changes to Credit System & Participation at Meets 

Officiating Education and Development Pathway

To become an official in swimming requires some knowledge of the sport.  You can gain that knowledge very quickly by helping out at swim meets.  Throughout the swim season, BRian Wilson the Club Official Chair (COC) will arrange clinics to be conducted for those wishing to officiate.  Your region may also hold Regional Officials Clinics, where several different clinics are offered over a full day.  All on-deck officials start off with the Intro to Swimming Officiating that includes a timekeeper component and the Safety Marshal Clinic.  They then move on to Level II Clinics which includes the majority of other on-deck positions such as Stroke and Turn, Clerk of Course, Chief Timer, etc.  The Referee clinic is a Level III clinic. All clinic material is available under "Officials Clinics" section.

Further Officiating Information:

Each family must take the "Introduction to Swimming Officiating"


Swim Ontario Certification:




E-Modules & Upcoming Clinic Sign-Up

Swimming Canada now offers clinics as online e-learning modules on their Education Learning Management System (LMS)

Clinics currently available as E-Modules: Intro to Swimming Officiating, Safety Marshal, Chief Timekeeper & Clerk of Course

All the details in accessing and using the LMS can be found

Each family is required to take "Introduction to Swimming Officiating" and it must be taken prior to any other clinic.  

Email Kirsten to get a login/password [email protected]

Then go to this link for the clinic:

We will occasinally offer this clinic via Zoom or in person.  

FINA Officials Competitive Strokes Videos


Credit System & Participation at Meets

The Newmarket Stingrays exist largely because of the financial benefit of our swim meets.  There has been in the past a large burden placed on some families to run these meets while others at their choice have not been as involved.  Over the summer The Board of Directors has been working with Swim Ontario and reviewing other club’s policies to involve more of our membership.  It is in the best interest of the long-term viability of the club to make the following policy changes regarding our participation credit system, specifically, as it pertains to swim meet involvement.

  • A minimum of six session must be worked per family per season, if we are awarded a Central Regional Meet another two sessions are required by each family at this meet for a total of eight sessions

  • Each swimmer’s parent or guardian will be required to complete one official’s clinic per year

  • Once signed up for a session the volunteer cannot cancel one week prior.  They can find a replacement and no fine will be issued. 

Failure to comply with both requirements above will result in a $100 fine per session/course missed at the completion of our final swim meet. 

How to sign-up to work at a Meet?

NEW website prior to meet - via the 'Job Signup' button for all positions (Starter, Chief Timer, Clerk, Recorder/Scorer,Timekeeper, Safety Marshal, Marshal, Announcer, Awards, Runner, Canteen).  Note some positions are sometimes managed by the Competition Coordinator -- instructions will be provided on the Job Signup if this is the case.