Team Travel

Traveling To Team Swim Meets

Traveling with the team to an ‘away’ meet is the highlight of the year for many of our competitive swimmers.  Away meets provide an opportunity for swimmers to:

  • experience independence
  • develop their competitive swimming skills
  • deepen friendships and
  • have the time of their lives!

Each year the Club travels to invitational away meets (i.e. London, in May), and the Provincial, Eastern Canadian Championships and National meets. Most often, these meets are designated as ‘team meets’ and fall under the Stingray’s Team Travel policy. The purpose of these rules and guidelines is to ensure the safety and comfort of the swimmers.

Team Meets

The Team Travel Director organizes chaperons, transportation,accommodations and food for each away meet. Coaches and parent chaperones accompany the team. It takes a lot of organization and attention to detail to ensure that our swimmers travel in safety and get enough sleep and food to swim fast and have fun.

If a swimmer is attending an "away" meet, it is mandatory they travel to an away meet with the rest of the swim club by bus or other prearranged transportation such as car/van/airplane. It is optional for visiting parents to take their child home with them after the meet is over, provided the permission form is signed and submitted to the chaperons.

Additional Information on Team Travel can be found in the Club Handbook.