Your First Swim Meet


From 'Fabulous Fridays' (Our Splash Group meet) to our own hosted swim meets, here are a few things to help you understand competitive swim meets:

  • Arrive on time for warm-up!
  • Purchase a program - this will give you the event and heat your swimmer will be competing in.
  • When volunteering, bring a pair shoes that can get wet... because they will!
  • Bring your own healthy food and water - you're never sure what will be open or nearby.
  • Bring extra 'equipment' including a spare bathing suit, goggles and swim cap just in case.

Volunteering At Your First Meet

  • Show up a bit early to get your instructions, settle in, etc.
  • Wear the appropriate officiating attire.
  • Check in - usually this means finding the meet manager's desk and letting them know you have arrived.
  • If you are working your way up the officiating ladder, don't forget to bring any cards to be signed.

Don't be afraid to ask another parent or official - they're usually eager to help!