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Competitive - Development - Wave - Splash


This program is for swimmers who have developed their skills and endurance and who are now ready to set competitive goals and work towards them.

Ages 10 - University
September to June:

  • 5 – 9 workouts weekly (depending on age and experience)
  • Continued focus on stroke technique, competitive skills and endurance
  • New skills include: goal setting, time management and personal development
  • Regular participation in competitions within the GTA. More advanced athletes have the opportunity to compete inter-provincially and at national and international levels.


This program is the jumping off point into the exciting world of competitive swimming!

Ages 8 - 9
September to June

  • 4 practices weekly
  • Focus on stroke development, competitive swimming skills and endurance
  • Participation in monthly swim meets within the GTA
  • Coaches are National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) qualified.


An introduction to the world of real competition! WAVE is an on-ramp program to get swimmers up to speed and ready to compete with their age group. The natural progression up from Splash, or a starting point for new swimmers that have passed tryouts.
Ages 7 - 10
September to June
  • 3 workouts per week
  • Focus on stroke development
  • Participation in in-house swim meets
  • Coaches are National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) qualified


This unique pre-competitive program provides basic swimming proficiency and a solid foundation of competitive swimming skills.

Ages 5-7
3 ten week sessions per year

  • 2, 45 minute lessons weekly
  • Low swimmer to coach ratio (generally at most 3:1)
  • All coaches are current or past competitive swimmers with coaching workshops and lifesaving qualifications (minimum Bronze medallion)
  • Fabulous Friday swim meet at the end of each session at which all participants earn ribbons
  • pre-requisites are required: for 5 year olds crocodile in the red cross program, for 6 year olds Swim Kids 3, and for 7 year olds, Swim Kids 4.
  • September Swim Camp is a pre-requisite for the Fall Splash session.