2022 Nanaimo White Rapids Coaches


Head Coach: Finn Bodnar

Hi everyone, my name is Finn Bodnar! This season will mark my 10th year with the Nanaimo White Rapids and my 7th year as a member of the coaching staff. I started swimming competitively in 2007 with the Campbell River Salmon Kings and then transitioned to the White Rapids when I moved to Nanaimo in 2012. In Nanaimo, I started in division 3 and continued through division 8. I then swam with the Vancouver Island University (VIU) team from 2019 to 2021.  In terms of coaching, I have worked my way up from my first position as a Junior Developmental Coach to now being Head Coach.  As Head Coach, I truly wish to maintain the culture on deck and make sure this club is a place for all our athletes to thrive and succeed. My experiences as a swimmer and coach have given me a much stronger understanding of swimming in general and have shaped my own philosophy as a coach. I am currently taking my Kinesiology degree at VIU, focusing on sport health and leadership classes, and during the off season, I  work as a lifeguard with the City of Nanaimo. My other passions include music and soccer. I hope to bring my knowledge and experience as a coach, athlete, and student to share with the rest of the club. Becoming Head Coach has always been a goal of mine and I am super excited to have the opportunity to work with all of you, towards another successful swim season!


Assistant Head Coach: Ava Johnson

Hi everyone, my name is Ava and I am so excited to be coaching with the White Rapids again this summer! This season will be my 13th season with the club, and my 7th season as a coach. During my time as a swimmer, I have broken both club and regional records, qualified for provincials, and gained an overall understanding for the sport. Since 2016, I have taken on many coaching roles within the club and I am super excited to be Assistant Head Coach this season! During my time as a coach, I have gained valuable leadership skills and encouraged the development of young swimmers. Outside of the pool, I am a 3rd year student at Vancouver Island University, taking my Bachelors of Education and minoring in Kinesiology, with hopes of one day becoming an grade 5/6/7 teacher. I also swam with the VIU swim team for 2 years and gained some valuable experiences. It is my goal to create a positive and inclusive environment for all swimmers to learn and grow as athletes, through emphasizing the fun components of competitive swimming. I owe a lot of my passion for swimming to the NWRSC, for not only teaching me to become a better athlete, but a more well rounded individual. I can’t wait to give back to the community and this club by coaching the next generation of young swimmers. See everyone at the pool! 



Senior Coach: Sophie Peer



Hi everyone! My name's Sophie Peer and I'm so excited to be back at the Kin pool for an awesome season of swimming! This will be my 9th summer, swimming with the White Rapids and my fourth summer as a coach. I’m a grade 12 student at Nanaimo District Secondary school. This past year I was a coach and team captain for the NDSS swim team. I'm graduating from the French Immersion program this year and will be going to university in a biology program in September. I love learning and hope to go into Marine Biology or research in pediatric diseases. Not only do I love learning, I’m passionate about teaching others. My goal as a coach is to create a safe and fun environment for swimmers to grow as athletes and as people. I hope to share my passion for this sport with swimmers of all ages, abilities and competitive levels. I can't wait to see you all on deck and in the pool!


Senior Coach: Emily Metituk

My name is Emily Metituk, I'm so excited to join the Nanaimo White Rapids! I'm a 3rd year student at Mount Royal University in Sport and Recreation Management. During Covid, while school was online I came to the island for the first time and ended up moving to Tofino to teach surf lessons. I fell in love with the island and decided I needed to come back for the summer. I swam for 13 years, starting when I was 6 years old with the GP Aquarians Summer Club, where my love for the sport and racing started. I moved to year-round swimming with the GP Piranhas when I was 13 and swam until I graduated (ask me how much fun it was going to a swim meet the same weekend as my graduation). Within my 5 years of swimming with the Piranhas, I competed at the championship level and even got a couple of western times in 50 free and 200IM. I started coaching when I was 13 and plan to do it for the rest of my life. I love working with young athletes and being able to share my knowledge about my favorite sport. My dream job is to coach athletes to their highest potential, especially those with visible and nonvisible challenges. Sports teaches us so many lessons that extend beyond the pool and stay with us forever. I look forward to getting to know everyone in the club and am so excited for this fun road ahead of us.

Senior Coach:  Nyah De Pol

Hi everyone, My name is Nyah De Pol. I am so excited for another amazing summer with the White Rapids. I am currently finishing my grade 12 year at Dover Bay. Next year I plan to attend university to continue my education. This season will mark my 13th year swimming and 5th year coaching with the Nanaimo White Rapids. Along with swimming during the summer I have also swam with the Nanaimo Riptides during the winter season. I am currently working as a Lifeguard with the City of Nanaimo. When I am not on the pool deck I spend my time playing a variety of different sports. These include soccer which I have played for 12 years and basketball. I am passionate about fitness and train in the gym 6 days a week.  Being involved in sports my whole life has fueled a love for competing. Swimming is one of my biggest passions. Throughout my many years practicing, racing, and coaching swimming I have learned so much about the sport. I have taken multiple coaching courses to ensure I offer my swimmers a season that will help them reach their goals and feel success. I am very passionate not only about swimming but also the Nanaimo White Rapids, I love being able to spend my summers on the pool deck. I am so excited to be able to share my passion with the next generation of swimmers. I look forward to seeing you all on the pool deck for another amazing summer season!


Intermediate Coach: Cam Laturnus

Do I hear summer club magic? Team cheers? Best times? And fun in the water? This summer, I am so excited to return to NWRSC and join in on the summer club fun. On May 1st, you'll see me back on deck coaching and bringing my unique coaching philosophy - focused on maximizing fun, improvement, and competitiveness with oneself. Currently, I am studying for a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology at the University of Victoria.  I will use this degree to pursue a higher level of education with a focus on athletic high performance and/or athlete physical wellbeing. Additionally, I am a NCCP Level 1 Certified Coach and I will be using my personal experience competing with the UVic Vikes Swim Team and at the Swim Canada World Championships Trials this past year to help my swimmers develop their technical skills and physical capabilities in and out of the water. I can’t wait to see you all at the pool and am looking forward to an amazing summer of swimming and fun. If you have any questions, feel free to always ask when you see me on deck or email me at [email protected]

Intermediate Coach: Isabelle Parsons

Hi all! My name is Isabelle Parsons and I am super excited to be back for another awesome summer of swimming. I’m 17 years old and currently finishing up my last year of high school, after which I plan to go to university and study political science. This season will mark my 4th year as a coach and 8th year as a swimmer. As for my other endeavours I don’t venture too far from the pool. When I’m not speed swimming, I am competing with my synchro team. We are a Junior national stream team with the Nanaimo Diamonds/Victoria synchro. As an athlete that has taken part in so many sports, swimming has always been what I’m most grateful for. It has enabled me to gain the confidence and the necessary skills that have helped me become the individual that I am today. I have been lucky enough to have grown up in a club like the White Rapids and can’t wait to give my swimmers the same fun and uplifting experiences that I had. I look forward to meeting you all...see you at the pool!

Junior Coach: Jack Mace

Hello everyone! My name is Jack Mace. This will be my 10th year as a member of the Nanaimo White Rapids and my 2nd year as a swim coach. I will be starting Grade 12 this coming September as a French Immersion student at NDSS. Last fall, I was a coach for the high school swim teams of Nanaimo. That was a great opportunity for me to coach new high school swimmers the fundamentals of swimming. Throughout this past fall and winter, I have been coaching with the White Rapids Maintenance Program on Fridays. During these maintenance sessions, I have witnessed my swimmers progress in their strokes rapidly. I am very excited for the summer swim season to begin and prepared to support many young swimmers on their swimming paths.

Junior Coach: Aia Segal

Hey! I’m Aia, and I’m super excited to be back at the pool this summer. This will be my 6th year as a swimmer and 2nd year as a coach for the club. I'm a grade 11 student at NDSS in the French immersion program and I’m looking into a career in architecture or design. I love to play piano, read, and swim (of course) especially open water. This past fall and winter, I coached and swam for the Nanaimo high school swim team and coached for White Rapids’ fall and winter maintenance program. Last summer, I worked as a developmental coach and got to watch as swimmers developed their skills throughout the season. This summer I’m excited to be even more a part of that process. I’ve loved to swim for as long as I can remember and NWRSC has only grown that love. In my role as a coach, I hope to inspire many more swimmers and foster their love of this sport. See you on the pool deck!