Attendance Awards:

  • Attendance awards go to swimmers who achieved 80% attendance throughout the season.
  • Overall attendance award is given to the swimmer with the highest overall attendance.

Triple Crown Award:

  • Recognition of swimmers who swam the Mile Swim all three times receive aTriple Crown Award. The recipients will receive a certificate and a medallion.

Best Time Towel Award:

  • This is a club award in memory of Brent Cioban, who met an untimely death in a boating accident more than ten years ago. The Ciobans have been members of the club for 20 years. This award was created in memory of Brent’s strong sense offair play and love for all sports.The Best Times Towel represents the result of hard work and commitment. It can be achieved by anyone who continuously improves his or her personal best times.
  • Criteria 
  1. This award can only be received once
  2. Div 1 – 3 ( 4 best times at 4 swim meets ) Div 4+ ( 3 best times at 4 meets,or 4 best times at 3 meets)

Club Record Breakers:

  • Swimmers who break club records are recognized with a medallion

Worker of the Summer:

  •  Awarded to one swimmer in each practice group who has shown the greatest work ethic during the season, positive attitude at practice and swim meets, and consistent attendance.

Most Improved Swimmer:

  • Awarded to a boy and girl in each division who have shown the greatest improvement during the season.
  • Criteria
  1. Improvement in the execution of the swimming strokes
  2. Improvement in personal times for various strokes
  3. Commitment, attitude and behaviour

Novice Swimmer Award:

  • This is awarded each year to one boy and girl experiencing their first year in a competitive swim club.
  • Criteria
  1. The recipient must not, prior to joining, have participated in a competitive swim club
  2. Can be chosen from any age group in the club
  3. Must have shown potential in competitive swimming
  4. Must have attended at least two swim meets
  5. Must demonstrate good sportsmanship and conduct

Good Sportsmanship Award:

  • Awarded to Jr Boy & Girl, and Sr Boy & Girl
  • Criteria
  1. Must be well disciplined and cooperative on the pool deck and in the club area
  2. Willing to swim the strokes the coaches have deemed suitable at practices and meets
  3. Is supportive of the swimmers in his/her age group, and often offers encouragement to them as well as other swimmers
  4. Is willing to place the team before his/her preferences
  5. Display a positive attitude at all times
  6. A good model for other team-mates
  7. Display respect and consideration for coaches, officials, team-mates, and parents
  8. Adhere to governing practices and swim meets

Outstanding Swimmer Awards:

  • Criteria
  1. Number of points earned in all strokes by the swimmer throughout the summer
  2. Competitiveness of the age category that year
  3. Dedication to the sport of swimming
  • Overall - Awarded to Jr Boy & Girl and Sr Boy & Girl
  • By Division - Awarded by division for a boy and girl in each division.  If a swimmer of a particular division receives an overall outstanding junior or senior award, an outstanding by division may or may not be awarded based on the criteria.  For example, if a Div. 3 boy received overall junior boy, there may or may not also be a Div. 3 boy recognized for that division.

Marge Dudley Award:

  • This is a major honour that is awarded to a swimmer of the NWRSC.  This trophy is named in the memory of the club's first president Marge Dudley, and was obtained upon her death in 1977, through memorial donations by members.
  • Criteria
  1. Dedication to the sport of swimming
  2. Displays good sportsmanship
  3. Displays good citizenship demonstrates team spirit
  4. Contributes to club activities

Best Times Ribbons:

  • Best times ribbons are given out for 1-9 best times, 10-19 best times, and 20+ best times.