2021 Schedules

Group Placement Week - May 3 to May 7 - Schedule
The first week of May is typically an assessment week to give coaches time to evaluate swimmers and determine the most appropriate placement for them.
This year the week will look slightly different. Swimmers will be given a schedule for the first week of practices but unlike previous years, swimmers will NOT be moved around during that week. This helps to reduce the number of contacts swimmers have and minimizes the risk of transmission related to COVID-19. Instead, coaches will use the week to observe and assess the swimmers and then the permanent summer swim groups will be released on Saturday, May 8th . 

Schedule 1 - May 10 to July 2 (To be Released: May 8, 2021)

Schedule 2 - July 5 to August 6 (To be Released: May 8, 2021)

Post Regionals- TBD


To help get a sense of what the schedules look like, here are some samples from 2016: