2021-22 Coaches



NYAC welcomes Koji Takahashi


NYAC is thrilled to welcome Koji Takahashi as a new Development B coach. Koji has over 25 years of swimming and coaching experience. He started competitive swimming with ESWIM when he was 10 and started coaching when he was 16. Koji swam through post secondary in the US and continued to coach after graduation, here in Toronto. He has had the privilege of coaching in the US, Japan and Canada. In recent years, he has helped develop a high school team of 80 swimmers from an Ontario rank of 88th to 2nd place









NYAC welcomes Kris Sanders

NYAC warmly welcomes Kris Sanders as the new Senior A coach. Kris joins North York Aquatic Club after spending last season as the Head Coach of W. Ross Macdonald Swimming in Brantford, Ontario. Kris also spent time as the Assistant Head Coach of the Pacific Sea Wolves in Surrey, BC and multiple seasons contributing to thegrowth and development of the Wilmot Aquatic Aces in Baden, Ontario. Along with 20+ years of swimming experience as both coach and athlete, he brings passion for his athlete’s personal, academic and athletic achievement. Attending Hartwick College in Oneonta, NY, Kris graduated with a double major in Business Administration and Economics while also participating at the collegiate level in lacrosse and swimming, where he was a two-year captain. Kris  is exceptionally excited to join NYAC and contribute to the excellent culture set forth by the coaching staff, board of directors, athletes and parents. 










Eddie Toro

   Director of Performance

[email protected]

Years Coaching:

10 Years

Favourite Set: 

0x (50 + 100) 4 on 1:10 1 on 2:00 Just make pace (both 50 and 100 are on the same pace time)

Why I Love Coaching:

"Swimming is my life’s passion, and being able to study it, understand it, and teach it is the very best way to honour my sport."

Heather Bruce

Director of Coaches

H[email protected]

Years Coaching: 9 Years
Favourite Set: Swim a set totalling 4000 m and then go out for a trail run with my fellow young athletes and coaches at the Aquathon Camp is always the best morning ever.
Why I Love Coaching:

"We provide a unique opportunity at NYAC where swimmers have the opportunity to move from swimming in the pool to coaching young children from the deck. Teaching these young people how to be leaders, effective communicators and helping them with building basic professional skills is such a pleasure. I enjoy not only watching them grow and develop their expertise as coaches but also seeing them inspire our youngest swimmers in the Club thereby making our Waves program the most successful in Toronto is the BEST!"

Kwesi - Kwarko Fosu

Development C

[email protected]

Years Coaching: 10 Years
Favourite Set: Kamikaze
Why I Love Coaching: "I love watching hard work pay off, and I love to see people succeed and exceed their expectations and goals through courage, sacrifice, grit, and determination."

Guillermo Toro

13 to 14 year old Lead

Junior A

Years Coaching: 12 Years
Favourite Set: 5 x [400 @FPP – 200 BK @4:00 – 100 free Best Average @2:00 – 50 easy @1:00]
Why I Love Coaching: "I love coaching because it gives me an opportunity to mentor swimmers, to challenge them, and to help them grow as athletes in and out of the pool."

Steve Downs

10 & under Lead


Years Coaching 32 Years
Favourite Set The next one
Why I Love Coaching: "I love watching young athletes grow as athletes and people. Helping them understand how failure leads to success."

Kashyap Gosai

Senior A

Years Coaching: 10 Years
Favourite Set:
4 x 25 @ 0:30 - DPS
4 x 50 @ 1:10 - 75%-80%
4 x 100 @ 2:00 - 85%-90%
4 x 200 @ 5:00 - MAX EFFORT
4 x 100 @ 2:00 - 85%-90%
4 x 50 @ 1:10 - DPS
4 x 25 @ 0:30 - MAX EFFORT
Why I Love Coaching: "To me, coaching is not simply helping to build the best athletes, but more importantly, coaching is about building the best people.  I love coaching because of the role I play to help challenge swimmers in training, but also to them understand that the skills they are developing and mastering will help them be successful in all areas of their life.  I love coaching because it allows me to help build a foundation of character, courage, and confidence."

Daniel Pinto

11 to 12 year old Lead

Development A

Years Coaching: 12 Years
Favourite Set: ALL the kicksets!!
Why I Love Coaching: "I love coaching because the sport has given me my health. I was born with a disease, Perthes Calves, which means the femoral bone doesn’t get blood supply where it sits in the hip socket and the bone begins to die. Thanks to the doctors and their suggestion of swimming as rehabilitation, I was given the opportunity to walk again."

Ryan Watts

Senior B, Junior B

Years Coaching: 21 Years
Favourite Set:
3x100  75% @1:45/1:50/2:00
6x50 sprint @ 1:00/1:10/1:20
100pull easy
Why I Love Coaching:

"I love watching swimmers challenge themselves, be proud of their successes, learn and grow from disappointments and show good sportsmanship."