Tips from the Top - NYAC Head Coach Murray Drudge

NYAC Trademarks

  1. NYAC swimmers always finish races strong.
  2. NYAC swimmers do not breathe off walls.
  3. NYAC swimmers never get passed without a fight.

Step into the Winner's Circle
Top 10 Winning Strategies

  1. Be anything except satisfied about what you have done
  2. Get informed - know results - top 8 time to score - top 3 time to medal - time for 1st place!
  3. Try new things
  4. Hate to lose and push yourself to the max
  5. Get an ego and find ways to inflate it
  6. Gain the trust of others around you
  7. Take the lead on anything i.e. training circles - even if you get passed sometimes
  8. Ask a lot of questions and question everything
  9. Listen more than you talk
  10. Find ways to win i.e. exploit the opponent's weaknesses

Top 10 Strategies for Age Group Swimmers

After 30 years of coaching, here they are: (not in order of importance)

  1. Read the pace clock - always know your time (the digital generation has killed this skill) See this article on how to read a pace clock.
  2. Be streamlined and kick off walls
  3. Split races properly
  4. Do pushed, not pulled strokes
  5. Do figure 8 fly and breast turns
  6. Do high elbow catch on all strokes
  7. Can do negative splits in all races and all styles
  8. Do NCAA freestyle turns
  9. Do underwater dolphin kicks i.e. 30 kicks in 15 seconds
  10. Work proper finishes on all repeats

Here is a good article to read on SwimSwam about head position in freestyle:

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