NYAC Contact Information

Office Address:

875 Morningside Ave., Suite 2032
Toronto ON, M1C 0C7  

Phone number 416-283-8894 

Office hours

  • Monday to Wednesday: 9:30am to 4:30pm
  • Thursday: 8:00 to 3:30pm

Need to talk to someone outside of these hours, send an email and we will get back you.

Interested in joining NYAC, please contact linda@nyacswimming.ca

Please see below to better direct your email and receive a timely response.  

Website:  www.nyacswimming.ca

  • Meet schedule for the year
  • Meet registration and scratch deadlines
  • Access to your Account and financials
  • Fees
  • Policies/Bylaws/Code of Conduct
  • Officials Courses
  • Safe sport info
  • Much much more

Your Group Coach

(First [email protected])

  • The first point of contact for questions about your swimmer, practice times, and swim meets
  • Pool closures notices

Pool Rep

  • First point of contact for team social events and parent support
  • Questions about how to navigate the website
  • Pool closure updates

Director of Performance

Eddie Toro

E[email protected]

  • Any questions your coach could not answer especially for the Competitive program

Director of Coaches

Heather Bruce [email protected]

  • Any questions your coach could not answer especially Waves, Youth and Intro.

[email protected]


  • Questions about official's registration and your official's account
  • Addition of clinic and evaluation to your Swimming Canada profile
  • Discussion about how to progress to the next officials level

Program Co-Ordinator

Linda Liberta

L[email protected]

  • Waves registration
  • Equipment and team wear
  • New to NYAC Inquiries

Meet and Event Planner

[email protected]

  • Questions about Meet entries, meet timing changes
  • Social event questions
  • Session Credit Questions
  • Team Travel

Board of Directors

[email protected]


Program Co-ordinator

Linda Liberta
[email protected]