Required Paperwork - ALL Officials (New & returning) - every official must complete and sign the following document each season.  Every offiicial registered must have a unique e-mail address, two officials cannot share the same email account.  For this year, all officials will have to complete the following forms as as well: 

  • Acknowledgement and Assumption of Risk.
  • COVID-19 Attestation
  • Rowan’s Law requirements

The link to the 2021-2022 Swim Ontario Official Registration Form is here

Required Training 

NEW FAMILIES: Every member family must complete the courses needed to certify one Strokes and Turns Judge by the end of their first year with the club as well as demonstrate an effort to achieve the necessary sign-offs toward certification.

To accomplish this, the following two courses are required:

  • Introduction to Swimming Officiating (Timekeeper) & Safety Marshal 
  • Judge of Stroke & Inspector of Turns (Strokes & Turns)

RETURNING FAMILIES: Every member family must take 1 new course (online or at a clinic) every year by May 31 until all courses up to Level 3 have been completed.

Members are encouraged to work at other club meets to achieve the sign-offs required to attain their Level 3 status.

Clinics --  NYAC will be hosting clinics throughout the season -- please check the Event Schedule  to Sign-up for upcoming Clinics go to Meets & Events and click the Job Sign-up beside the clinic you want.

How to sign-up to work at a Meet?

NYAC website - via the 'Job Signup' button for all positions (Starter, Chief Timer, Clerk, Recorder/Scorer,Timekeeper, Safety Marshal, Marshal, Announcer, Awards, Runner, Food Help, Cafeteria).  Note the Referee & Starter positions are sometimes managed by the Competition Coordinator -- instructions will be provided on the Job Signup if this is the case.

What to Wear when officiating at NYAC Hosted Meets

  • Timers, Head Lane Timers, Inspector of Turns, Judge of Stroke - white top and black bottoms (ideally NYAC logo'd white top)
  • Referee - red top and black bottoms 
  • All other officials/volunteers - white or red top and black bottoms (ideally with NYAC logo)

Please note that this is a variation of the Swimming Canada and Swim Ontario standard.  If you are working a non-NYAC hosted meet please check to see how you should dress.


Additional information

Swim Ontario Officials info (under the 'Officials' tab)

Education and Development Pathway -

Certification Pathway -


Clinic handouts (useful review material)