Frequently Asked Questions

What are you doing during the pandemic to keep swimmers safe when they return to swim?

NYAC has been working with our Return to Swim Committee (RTSC) which includes medical, policy and operations, experts to create a detailed plan.We follow strict guidelines and rules put forward by Swimming Canada and Ontario Public Health. Our Return to Swim plan has been reviewed and approved by our RTSC, our Board of Directors and Swim Ontario.Safety is always considered first when it comes to making any kind of decisions.Some of the highlights of safety measures in place are:

  • Swimmers will be spaced 2m apart from the moment they enter the facility, to swimming in the pool, to exiting the facility.
  • Masks will be worn right to the edge of the pool. 
  • Swimmers will not be allowed to gather at the walls, they will be spaced at a distance in the pool. 
  • No one will share equipment. 
  • Coaches will conduct health screening with the swimmers before they enter the facility and will follow up with any swimmer who is not at practice to ensure they are healthy. 
  • Coaches will wear masks throughout the practice. 
  • Workouts will be sent home ahead of time and swimmers will be expected to bring a copy to practice so that there will be no gathering around the coach to hear the workout. 

We encourage you to watch this video to provide you with an understanding of the protocols in place at TPASC:

Why do I have to attend a RTS virtual training session?What do I do as a parent if I have multiple swimmers in the Club?

Our RTS plan requires that every parent of a swimmer who is a minor and a swimmer who is over the age of majority (18 years of age), must attend a virtual training session before arriving at the first pool practice.Attendance will be taken at the training session and if a parent, as applicable is not present, the swimmer will NOT be allowed in the water.Families with multiple swimmers in the Club only have to attend one session as the content is the same for each session.However, families must attend the training session that is attached to the FIRST pool practice in the family.  The schedule for these training sessions and login information can be found here.

How to complete registration with Swimming Canada? 

Instructions for completion can be found here

I set up my Swimming Canada account with an email that I no longer use.  What should I do? 

Please contact with the email address that you would like to change your account to.  We will update the account with this information and then you will be able to enter.

Is Dryland virtual and what time will it be at?

Dryland sessions will be held virtually in the evening on Zoom.  Coaches will work with the group around timing as more information is learned about school schedules. 

Why do some swimmers get more time in the pool than others?

The schedule is based on Swimming Canada’s RTS mandate: we focus on the highest performers of the Club first and then gradually, in a safe and controlled manner, give more opportunities to the lower levels.  The aim of our schedule is to provide a structured routine which balances the physical, psychological and emotional needs of our swimmers at different stages of their swimming career with different performance demands. We have worked hard and tried our best to provide more balanced swim time for all our swimmers across different groups while maintaining NYAC's integrity as a competitive swim club. In order to accommodate pool time for more swimmers, we have also temporarily moved up to swimmers from B groups to their respective A groups. An equal number of swimmers from C groups have also been moved up to their respective B groups.

Last season, we had many swimmers performing at an elite level at various competitions, including 11 swimmers who were scheduled to participate in the Olympic Trials. It is our hope that this new schedule will allow us to maintain that level of performance.

Is this the swim schedule for the entire season?

No! Please keep in mind that this schedule is temporary as pool space and hours are constantly changing.

We are EXTREMELY limited by pool availability during this pandemic. We are in active conversations with our partners, including TDSB, Havergal and Glendon College, and continue to advocate with our City Councilors and TDSB Trustees to gain more pool time. As more pools open up, we hope to resume our regular training schedules.

Will there be swim meets this season?

At this point in time, there has been no indication from Swimming Canada or Swim Ontario that there will be swim meets in the near future.  However, our Director of Performance is thinking outside the box on how to keep the competitive spirit going.

When do I have to commit to this schedule?

We understand the schedule has changed since registration in July 2020 and that swimming may not fit into your current plans.  As such, once families complete the Swimming Canada registration, they will be responsible for the September payment of $350.00.  If families choose to leave, after completing the registration, they should send an email to [email protected], 15 days prior to the 1st of the billing month and no further payments will be taken. 

Will carpools be organized?

NYAC reminds swimmers of the health and safety guidelines from Public Health Ontario and Toronto Public Health, which requires 2m of physical distancing between people that are not within their social bubble. We understand that this can be challenging, however, we want to support our swimmers staying healthy during this pandemic.

What will my fees be for year?

At this time, fees will be charged to your account to reflect the current swim schedule. If the schedule does not change, then this will be the new fee for the year. See new fees here.  The new fee reflects changes to pool times, increased cost of pools permits due to:  less swimmers per lane, more time between groups to allow for transitions between groups, increased costs for cleaning and administrative costs to continue to operate the club.

Further revisions to fees may be necessary if more pool time is added however it will not go beyond the June 2020 quoted fee and it will be applied prospectively.

For swimmers that have been temporarily moved up to a new group, fees will be charged at their new group level and adjusted, if and when the swimmers return to their original placement. 

Are you charging a COVID-19 Return to Swimming fee?

No, NYAC is not charging an extra fees but your fees have been updated.

What is the cancellation policy?

If families choose not to swim for the 2020/21 season, NYAC is able to hold their credit until 2021/22 season.  Please send an email to [email protected] and DO NOT complete the Swimming Canada registration stage, otherwise your account will be charged $350.00

If families choose to leave, after completing the registration, they should send an email to [email protected], 15 days prior to the 1st of the billing month and no further payments will be taken. 

We chose a credit but do not want to start swimming until later in the season?

NYAC understands that every family’s situation is different.  We will hold your credit for the 2021/22 season.  However, do not complete the Swimming Canada registration, otherwise your account will be charged $350.00

I had originally chosen a credit and now we need a refund, what do I do?

There are two options, you can leave your 25% credit with NYAC for the following season, or we will provide you with the refund of 12.5%.  Due to the current resources at the club, these refunds will all be processed in the third week of September, and you can expect to receive a cheque by mid-October.