Splashables is the official Team Wear and Equipment supplier for NYAC.

All NYAC families receive a 25% team discount on orders. 


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Etobicoke (Toronto), ON M9C 1B7
Tel: 416 620-4954
Fax: 1 866 508-4162
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  • We recommend all new swimmers go in person to be sized for their swimsuits, fins and goggles. 
  • Please note that there are no competitions scheduled until at least January, so you can hold off on purchasing items needed for attending a swim meet until racing is resumed.  
  • To see what your swimmer needs to purchase please see below the group list requirements. 
To Order online --  Enter the following into your browser (   www.nyac.splashables.com   ).  This site is just for NYAC Families, and the 25% discount has been included in the list prices. 
NYAC Team Wear & Equipment has been updated for 2021-2022 (please review documents below) 



  • NYAC Team Wear for practice and meets must be in good condition and may not be modified (Examples – no cutting/ripping/rolling/shortening and no additional slogans/names added). Swimsuits must provide adequate coverage.
  • Although items are marked as “optional,” – only NYAC approved products can be worn on deck at meets. If the swimmer will wear a jacket/t-shirt/parka or take a bag on deck at a meet, it must be a NYAC branded product. No other jacket/t-shirt/parka /bag is allowed on deck at a meet. If you are going to wear pants/shorts at a meet, they must be solid black.
  • All NYAC branded products must be purchased through Splashables. The use of the NYAC logo is strictly forbidden without approval by the NYAC office (contact Linda @ [email protected])



Prioritize purchasing a black swimsuit for practices and racing.  Looking like a team is one of the few elements in our sport to connect with teammates. Our swimmers should wear our team colours proudly and add individual character and strengths into a team that stands for NYAC’s core values.

 AT PRACTICES - All Groups

  • PRACTICES AT TPASC Black swimsuits are mandatory.
  • PRACTICES ANYWHERE ELSE: Black swimsuits are encouraged.


  • FOR RACINGat swim meets, all swimmers are required to wear black swimsuits.

             All Intro, Youth,  and  All Development:      

  • Expensive racing suits are not recommended; a black practice swimsuit is fine at this level. Keep your head in the right place and focus on swimming faster by improving skills and work habits before you go looking for that extra help from an expensive racing suit!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      All Junior, Senior B and Senior C Groups:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           
  •   Entry Level racing suits are recommended but not necessary. It is mandatory to wear a black swimsuit. You are still in an early stage of development in your swimming career. You can benefit more by improving working habits, good nutrition, mental and physical skill acquisition than relying on a swimsuit to be fast.

            High Performance and Senior A:

  • Mid or highest-level racing suits are recommended and necessary during the championship season. A solid black racing swimsuit is highly recommended and encouraged to promote team spirit but understanding that not all highest-level swimsuits are available in solid black.


  • Team Wear Requirements for Team Travel (Away Meets and Training Camps) –NYAC Team Wear MUST be worn while travelling as a team. This is a great time to wear the Parka, Hoodie, Outdoor Jacket and/or puffy vest.



At NYAC hosted swim meets, all OFFICIALS are requested to wear a white, collared t-shirt (golf shirt) with the NYAC logo embroidered. The golf shirts are available from Splashables.