NYAC as a member of Swimming Canada and Swim Ontario believes that everyone in the sport has the right to enjoy the sport at whatever level or position they participate. Athletes, coaches, officials and volunteers have the right to participate in a safe and inclusive training and competitive environment that is free of abuse, harassment or discrimination.  

Please see the Swim Ontario site for more information about Safe Sport 

Important Contacts:

  • The Canadian Sports Helpline
    1-888-837-7678 – [email protected] – http://abuse-free-sport.ca/en/
    The helpline will provide you with advice, guidance and resources on how to proceed/intervene appropriately in the circumstances.
  • Swimming Canada Safe Sport Officer - [email protected]
    You may contact the Independent Safe Sport Official at [email protected]. This person is an independent third party who will guide you through the complaints process and/or explore other options.  This Independent Official is empowered to supersede Swimming Canada staff and launch appropriate policies as required based on evidence or a situation reported.  Your contact with the Safe Sport Official is confidential, subject to certain legal limits. The independent Safe Sport Official is a certified workplace harassment resources/investigator.  For general disputes, you are encouraged to try to resolve your situation at the club or provincial level before contacting Swimming Canada.
  • Swim Ontario Complaint, Dispute and Resolutions Officer – [email protected]