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We are very excited to get the 2020-2021 swim season on the way! As our world has changed around us so will the world of swimming.  Our coaching staff, office staff, and Board of Directors have been working very hard to put the best possible swim seasons for our members with all the new challenges.

Due to COVID 19, many of the pools that we normally train out of are remaining closed for Fall 2020.  This has caused us to update our practice schedules and start dates. We understand that these changes may be difficult for some families,  but we want to reassure you that we have very carefully looked at all options available to come up with the best possible solution for our membership.  Every program will have at least one practice per week along with one virtual dryland session, while some programs will have more. As extra pool time becomes available we will be able to add more practices. Though this is not ideal, we wanted to make sure that all swimmers could train at least once a week in the water, stay connected with their coaches and teammates and still feel like they are part of NYAC. 

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Competitive Schedule

New Program Structure for the future of NYAC: 

This new program is based on strong research and follows the Long-Term Athlete Development Model which has proven benefits for athletes lifelong wellness, and is the organizational paradigm of Canadian sport.  

Please find below a series of slides that outline NYAC's new structure. The LTAD encourages lifelong physical activity for everyone at all levels and provides an effective route for athletes to pursue excellence at the national and international levels of competition.  With this new structure:

  • the separation by age group allows coaches to tailor the program to reach swimmers more effectively based on their ability to learn and train.
  • a swimmer’s social environment is improved, and this is important for the well-being of the athlete as well as keeping swimmers engaged and building pride and team spirit.
  • increased exposure for more groups to train at TPASC, the top training facility in the country inspiring greatness in our athletes.