Waves Program

  NYAC Waves is a precompetitive swim program that introduces swimmers between the ages of 6-12years  (Teen Waves 13-18)  to the sport of competitive swimming.

                                                         Swimmers in this program start learning what it means to be an athlete in the changeroom, on the pool deck, and in the pool.    

Waves 2022/2023 Schedule

Pool Locations

Waves Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 Registration Link 

(Registration opens June 20 for returning swimmers and June 27 for new swimmers)

All new members must attend a tryout before registering

Tryouts - Link to Tryout Registration

2022 - 2023  Waves Registration  - Link to  Waves Registration  

  • Registration opens Monday, June 20 at 8 am for returning 2022 Spring Waves swimmers only.
  • Registration opens Monday, June 27 at 8 am for new members or former members pre-spring 2022. 
  • Prices for a one-day program is $300 and for a two-day program $550. 
  • Coaches encourage all swimmers looking to enter the competitive program to register for a two-day program.   

Equipment Needed 

     All Waves Swimmers should have the following on the first day of practice:

  • Goggles
  • Kick Board
  • Training Fins (not scuba)
  • Cap (a NYAC cap will be given out on the first day of practice)
  • Swimsuit - a training suit is highly recommended (bikinis, halter tops, ruffles, and baggy trunks can make it difficult to learn in) 
  • NYAC's official Team Wear Supplier is below. All NYAC swimmers receive a 25% discount


50 Paxman Road, Unit 4
Etobicoke (Toronto), ON M9C 1B7
Tel: 416 620-4954
Fax: 1 866 508-4162
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Learn to Swim - Learn to Train - Learn to Race

Hear from our swimmers about why they love Waves!





What is it?

The NYAC Waves program is a developmental swim program that introduces swimmers to the sport of competitive swimming.   The program goal is to develop all four kicks: free, back, breast and fly.  Swimmers will also learn how to function as a part of a group with the added element of water.  Waves has 2 sessions per year Fall (Oct - Jan) and Spring (Feb - May). Each session is 15 weeks and offers a once-a-week or a twice-a-week option. 

Who is it for?

This program is for new swimmers between the ages of 6-12 years.  Your child must be able to swim across a 25-metre pool without stopping.  They do not have to have strong skills, however,  they need to be able to prove that they can be safe in the water.  


What do we do?
Swimmers are introduced to the four competitive strokes, dives, and turns. Emphasis is on body position, kicking, recovery and pull. Beyond swimming, coaches teach invaluable life skills that are as important as swim skills.  Time management, discipline, teamwork, self-confidence and social skills are just some skills that NYAC athletes learn under the radar of having fun.

Who can join?
The Waves program is for anyone between the ages of 6 and 18 who can swim 25 meters front crawl. Waves swimmers should be at least at Level 6 in swimming and comfortable in the deep end.

Why do parents like us?
We have certified coaches and convenient times and locations.  NYAC athletes learn to swim much faster than from traditional recreational swimming lessons.  Our parents are just as much a part of the team as the swimmers.   From seeing each other at practices and the final fun meet they create a bond of their own that extends beyond NYAC.  

Why do children like us?
They like being part of a team, making friends and improving their swimming skills while having fun.  Children enjoy our friendly atmosphere, team bonds and long-lasting friendships that go beyond the NYAC programs.  NYAC extends far beyond the pool becoming a part of their daily routine.

What is NYAC's belief?
NYAC believes that every child can reach their own Olympic potential through the lessons they learn at NYAC both inside and outside the pool.


Splash N Dash 

Each Waves session ends with the Splash N Dash.  This experience is meant to be fun and is the first step for a swimmer to walk out onto a pool deck, independent of their parent and perform to the best of their ability in the pool.    

This event will conclude your child’s Fall/Spring Session with Waves. 


Waves Commonly Asked Question


What is the Waves Cancellation Policy?
Parents will receive a full refund less the $85 cancellation fee if notice is given in writing 5 business days before the session begins.

How do I see my Waves Swimmers Account?  
Log into the NYAC Website and go to "My Account" in the top left corner of the home page.  A black bar will pop up on the left side of your screen and select "My Account" again.  Go to Account info > Swim Lessons to see your swimmer's Waves Account

Do you offer make-up practices? 

If you need to miss a practice due to a personal reason, we are not able to offer a make-up practice. We have lifeguarding and programming ratios that we must abide by and this makes it not possible to have swimmers attending different programs for a missed practice. 

What pools do you swim out of and where are they?
NYAC Swims out of 14 different pools, for the full directory with map links click HERE

Can my 7-year-old son change in the girl's change room?
At NYAC we ask all swimmers to use their own identified gender change rooms regardless of age. Just as classmates in school would feel uncomfortable changing in front of each other so do teammates at the pool. 

What is the Coach to Swimmer ratio in Waves? In Waves, we have a 1 to 12 ratio for Coaches to swimmers. 

What equipment does my swimmer need for Waves and where can I buy it?


All swimmers should have:

A swimsuit - avoid 2-pieces, ruffles, baggy trunks etc. as they make it difficult to swim
Competition Goggles
Training Fins
Bathing Cap - A NYAC team cap is provided on the first day of practice


Our official Supplier is Splashables where all NYAC swimmers receive a 25% discount

We recommend all new swimmers go in person to be sized for their swimsuits, fins and goggles. 


50 Paxman Road, Unit 4
Etobicoke (Toronto), ON M9C 1B7
Tel: 416 620-4954
Fax: 1 866 508-4162


 Spring 2022 Waves  Updates 

  No practice on April 15, April 17, April 18 and May 22 & 23 (fees are prorated to account for missed practices)

  • The last week of Spring Waves is June 5 - 12
  • Report Cards will be handed out during the last week of Waves. Report Cards will have your swimmer's placement for the 2022-2023 season. If you don't receive your swimmers report card or you have questions regarding your swimmer's placement, contact Linda Liberta at [email protected] or 416-283-8894

For those who are training at Holland Bloorview:

All swimmers that are 12+ who register for the Holland Bloorview Waves programs will have to provide proof of vaccination before they can enter the building.  Parents are also required to escort their swimmers directly to the pool and must also be fully vaccinated to enter the hospital. 

**Contract Tracing Forms For Holland Bloorview**  - must be filled in before each practice