OSHAC Equipment and Clothing

OSHAC uses two suppliers for equipment and clothing.



For swimsuits, goggles, fins, paddles and other swimming specific products, please visit a Team Aquatics store or order from their website:

Team Aquatic Supplies | Competitive Swimwear and Training Equipment (team-aquatic.com)

All team members receive a discount.



Team track suits, t-shirts and other monster wear as well as officials' shirts can be ordered from Monster Sportswear.  https://monstertc.com/  (user login: OSHAWA, password: aquatics) 


Ordering deadlines are:

September 23rd 2022

November 1st 2022

February 17th 2023



Just a reminder that all competitive swimmers are required to wear an all black swimsuit, team cap and team shirt at all swim meets.

For more information please contact [email protected]

Pl ease contact your coach for team swim caps.


**Please Check out out Facebook Group - Buy/Sell/Swap Page**