New Coaches for AG3 and Varsity

Gord Sprung
Jun 26, 2019

The Oshawa Aquatic Club Board and Head Coach Gord Sprung are plaesed to announce that Ally O'Connell-Gray (AG3) and Melina Englund (Varsity) have accepted these postiions for the next swim season.

Ally O'Connell-Gray has several years of experience under her belt and has been an integral part of the Club over the last 2.  She has had a hand in assisiting with almost every group in the compettive program and she will bring this experince to her new role.  Not only will she be coaching the AG3 program but she will also be taking over the role of our Dolphin program coordinator.  This combination will be great as she will be in a prime position so assist swimmers and families make the transition to the competitive program that much more efficient.

Melina Englund has been coaching with the Dolphin program for 2 years and last season she played and important role helping with AG3 and assisting where necessary with most other groups.

We are all Excited to have Ally and Melina take on these imporant roles and we look forward to a great season ahead with them as psrt of our Coaching Team.