Officiating Swim Meets and Moving Up the Ladder

Your involvement as a swim official is required

Swimming officials at all levels in Canada are entirely volunteers. Each swim meet requires many trained officials as well as other volunteers.

Our club's success depends on the swim meets that we host. It is therefore a mandatory requirement that each parent volunteer their time by becoming an official.

Officiating is also one of the ways that you can earn back your $400 volunteer assessment. More information on the Volunteer Earn Back Program can be found here.

Moving our club officials "up the ladder" to higher officiating levels is also critical.

The swim meets that we host must be sanctioned by Swim Ontario. Our club must have a roster of officials who have obtained the higher officiating levels (II and above) in order for Swim Ontario to allow us to hold sanctioned meets.

For our club to be able to maintain the required roster of higher level swim officials, club parents must move into higher level officials positions during their time with the club


How to Get Started

Most volunteer positions that we need to fill for our meet sessions are timekeepers. We need 18 timekeepers for each session. The good news is that timekeeping is easy. It also gives you the best seat in the house to watch the meet.

If you have never been a timekeeper, then you need to:

  1. Attend the 'Introduction to Swimming Officiating Clinic'. This clinic is often held on the weekends that we host meets.
  2. Sign up as a timekeeper for our meets.

Before your work your first meet, there are a couple of forms that you have to fill out. One is the Officials Code of Conduct form and the other is the Personal Information Protection & Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA)?Consent form.

How do I sign up?

A couple of weeks before an OSHAC hosted meet, the Club Officials Chair will post the jobs that are required to be filled under that event on the club's website. Simply click the Job Sign Up button after logging in and selecting the meet, look at what jobs need to be filled and sign up.

How to move up the Officials' Ladder

Information on how to move up the officials' certification program can be found on the Swim Canada website.

If you would like more information on upcoming clinics in the area, contact OSHAC's Officials' Chair, Joel Reid.