The mandate of the Oshawa Aquatic Club (OSHAC) is to promote, foster and teach the process of competitive swimming within a multi-level competitive swim structure.

OSHAC is devoted to the development of each swimmer to his/her highest level of achievement.  This is accomplished through high level coaching based on the competitive swim disciplines of technique, training and competition.  Focus is on both the physical and psychological aspects of competitive swimming.

Good athletes are also good people who require a healthy, co-operative and educational environment.  By supplying this environment, OSHAC fosters good competitive spirit and builds strong citizens.


  1. To provide high caliber coaching to all levels of swimmers that portrays positive role models, demonstrates leadership, provides goal setting guidance, motivation, direction and supervision while promoting unity and team spirit.
  2. To maintain an active volunteer Board of Directors whose purpose is primarily to manage and administer the finances of the club, staff the events which provide revenue to operate the club and to form and direct the various committees required to maintain OSHAC as a viable competitive club.
  3. To ensure that communication flows throughout the members and information relative to the successful operation of the club is conveyed promptly.