Team Expectations


  • Swimmers are not permitted in the training area unless a member of the Coaching Staff is present.
  • Swimmers may leave practice only with permission of their Coach.
  • Swimmers are expected to follow the coaching staff’s direction at all times.  At no time will a disrespectful attitude toward the Coaching Staff or other teammates be tolerated.
  • Swimmers will abide by the rules which govern the facilities in which they train.
  • Swimmers will be held responsible for damage to any property (bus, hotel, restaurant, pool, etc.) Any swimmer caught damaging property will be held financially responsible and will face possible loss of membership from the team.
  • Abusive language, rough horseplay or vandalism are intolerable and are contrary to the goals of
    OSHAC. Disciplinary action will be taken if these behaviours occur


  • Swimmers are encouraged to support their teammates at both practice and competition.  Working together as a team for the benefit of all individuals in the group is an important aspect of the OSHAC spirit.
  • Swimmers should conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner at all times.  Remember, when you wear any item of the team uniform, you represent OSHAC.  Let your actions reflect the pride you have in the OSHAC organization.
  • During swim meets, it is a matter of courtesy that swimmers and parents stay off the deck and outside the competition venue unless competing or serving as an official.
  • All questions that swimmers or parents may have concerning meet results, officiating or the conduct of a meet should be referred to the coaching staff to pursue through proper channels.
  • Swimmers must never scratch or late enter an event without first consulting the coach.
  • In a meet with preliminaries and finals, it is expected that any athlete qualifying to swim finals will do so unless discussed with the coach.
  • As a matter of pride, leave the rest areas and the pool deck in a neat and clean condition at the conclusion of each session of the meet.
  • An all-black swim suit, team cap and team shirt must be worn at all swim meets.


  • Appropriate behaviour is mandatory on team trips. 
  • When behaviour is deemed unacceptable by the team staff, the swimmer may be scratched from competition and/or may be sent home at his/her own expense.  Failure to comply with rules or curfews set out by the team staff is deemed unacceptable.
  • When attending an away meet, swimmers are expected to keep hotel rooms in a neat and clean condition at all times.
  • Hotel doors must be propped open any time that members of the opposite sex are in the same room. 
  • Persons from outside the immediate team are not permitted in team hotel rooms unless permission is obtained from the head coach and/or team manager.
  • The possession and or use of alcohol, illegal substances or cigarettes is not allowed under any circumstances.