OSHAC Team Travel

Over the course of the season, the coaches will plan a meet schedule designed to meet the needs of the team and of swimmer development.  Some of these meets will be designated "Team Travel Meets" and are attended by all or part of the competitive team.  Travel meets may offer unique competition opportunities and always offer the opportunity to build OSHAC team spirit.  Team meets will be planned well ahead of time and qualifying swimmers will generally be notified in writing by their coaches.

Swimmers of all ages in the participating competitive groups are expected to travel with the team by making use of the team's transportation as well as the team's accommodations.  A ratio of 1 chaperone to every 10 swimmers is required to make the team travel meet a success.

Parents are encouraged to sign up as team chaperones.  It's a great way to earn back some of your Volunteer Fee. The costs for transportation and accommodations for chaperones are shared equally by all participating swimmers.

Guidelines for Chaperones

Chaperones are extremely important to the smooth running of the team when traveling to out of town team meets.  At a meet, coaches are responsible for swimmers when they are on the pool deck.  Chaperones are responsible for all swimmers once they have left the pool deck.  Areas in which chaperones are responsible for the swimmers include the pool lobby, the parking lot, at restaurants, at the hotel and in the transportation vehicle(s).

Responsibilities of Chaperones

You are responsible for the swimmers assigned to you:

  • Know who is in your care
  • Know which hotel room is whose
  • Know where your swimmers are
  • Look after valuables as required
  • Ensure your swimmers eat well
  • Remain with swimmers on arrival home to ensure they are met by a parent/guardian

You are responsible for enforcing the Code of Behaviour

  • Arrange, with the coach, for team meeting before and during the event
  • Coordinate the curfew time and enforce it
  • Discuss any controversy or Code of Behaviour breach with the designated coach
  • Be a good role model
  • Be firm but fair (we are having fun)

You are responsible for coordinating travel between hotel and meet site

  • Ensure transportation is there when needed
  • Ensure swimmers know departure time
  • Wake swimmers for morning departures
  • Check all rooms for lost items or damage
  • Check into hotel and assign rooms
  • Have a home contact person to call to inform parents of home arrival time