Grassroots Program 

Dolphin 1 & 2 & 3

Typically ages 6-11;

Have progressed through the Dolphin program OR new to pre-competitive swimming

Emphasis on developing all stroke, starts and turns; Increase on building endurance and strength; Beginning to develop a competitive mindset

45 minutes x 2/ week; 10-week session; OCT, JAN, MAR

Meets: Red vs Blue mini meet; In-house OSHAC meet at the end of each season + invitation to Tri-Meet series during the spring session


OSHAC Competitive Training Programs

Age Group 3 (AG3)

Targeted towards swimmers ages 8-11

AG3 is an introductory program for competitive swimming. Each swimmer will be encouraged to develop their skills and techniques and begin to track their personal growth and development, focusing on personal improvements during training. Opportunities to compete at home hosted meets/time trials and at tri-meet series are encouraged to help swimmers pursue their personal bests.

Developing proficiency in all four strokes, starts and turn techniques, competition skills and strategies

4.75 hours /week

Meets:  Local invitationals, tri-meet series (optional)


Age Group 2 (AG2)

Targeted towards swimmers ages 9-12

Being invited to “move up” to AG2 is recognition of your hard work and dedication to the sport of swimming. Swimmers continue to focus on stroke development and begin to track personal bests during training and competitions.

Build strength, endurance and proficiency in all strokes; Strong emphasis on development of personal goal setting;  Increased training discipline and competition skills and strategies

6.75 hours/week; + dryland

Meets:  Local, regional, invitational and championship meets


Age Group 1 (AG1)

Targeted towards swimmers ages 11-14

Dedication and commitment to their sport drive swimmers in this Age Group with a strong focus on goal setting and refining strokes, starts and turns.

Refining proficiency in all aspects of competitive swimming including goal setting and self-motivation

10 hours/week; + dryland

Meets:  Local, regional, invitational, championship meets, focus on provincial meets



Invited by the Head Coach; High potential and personal goal setting, nutrition, lifestyle, and self-motivation

Clear focus on attaining personal excellence

12.5 hours/week; + dryland

Meets: Local, regional, provincial, and national meets


On the Move

This is an exciting time for swimmers! Being asked to “move up” to the next Age Group demonstrates a swimmer’s love for their sport and shows dedication and commitment to their training path. As each swimmer progresses in technical ability, endurance, strength, and speed, each individual will be assessed to determine the appropriate time and schedule to move to the next age group. Consultation and conversations with the swimmer, coach and family is vital to a successful  transition. 

The ultimate decision to move a swimmer to the next level is at the discretion of the coaching staff. When a swimmer has achieved the necessary milestones (performance AND training), then the conversations will begin. The initial step involves adding one additional workout/week at the new level. This will continue until the swimmer is deemed ready to take on the new group. Families will be provided with the new training schedule and financial commitments and the swimmer will be included in discussions of the new workload and participation commitment. Families are encouraged to communicate with the coach any questions during this process.



The following programs are returning:


Swimmer that is 13-17 years old with a desire to swim  with a focus on school and other extracurricular activities 

Provide stroke development, increase fitness and cross training opportunities

Meets:  Optional



18+; Retired competitive swimmer, triathletes, competitive masters, adults seeking swim for physical fitness 

Swimming is a part of physical fitness lifestyle; Focus is on continuous skill and development of sport and enjoyment

Meets:  Optional