Olympic Way Program, Novice, Pre-competitive

This ten week fundamental program, introduces stroke techniques, starts, turns and endurance building on the basics of competitive swimming . Throughout the sessions, swimmers will be challenged to develop their individual ability with the goal to prepare them for the competitive environment and to have Fun!!

Dolphins swim 45 minutes, 2x per week. A fun and introductory Olympic Way swim meet is held at the end of each 10 week session

Please contact Gord Sprung for more details.

Age Group III (AGIII)

Competitive Program, Intro-Competitive

AGIII is the first level, post Olympic Way program. Strong emphasis is put on developing all four competitive strokes, starts and turns. Swimmers are introduced to pace times and training etiquette, and focus is placed on building strength and endurance.

AGIII swims 4x per week and compete in 3-5 close to home invitational meets.

Age Group II (AGII)

Age-Group Competitive

In the AGII program, swimmers continue developing proficiency in all four strokes, starting and turning techniques, drills and basic rules and racing skills. Proper training etiquette is taught and enforced. Swimmers compete in novice, invitational and  regional championship meets focusing on personal achievement and fun.

AGII swims 90 minutes, 4x per week and dryland trains once per week.

Age Group I (AGI)

Age-Group Competitive

AGI swimmers progress from AGII based on skill and training habits. AGI continues to build strength, endurance and proficiency in all strokes. There is strong emphasis on developing goal setting, training discipline and racing strategy . Participation in invitational, regional and championship meets is frequent.

AGI swims 7x, and dry land trains 1x per week.


High Caliber Competitive

Senior level swimmers progress from AGI with strong potential and goals, distinguished ability and clear focus on attaining personal excellence. Swimmers in the Senior program will work at refining proficiency in all aspects of competitive swimming. Local, invitational, regional and provincial meets with main focus on reaching the provincial and national levels.

Senior swims 8x, and dry land trains 2x per week..

Masters (Season 2019-2020)

The mission of the Oshawa Aquatic Club Masters program is to provide a fun, friendly environment to enhance the swimming experience for adults of all abilities. Your background can range from a person who can just swim a length to the highly experienced ex-competitor who has been in a pool most of his or her life or a triathlete seeking guidance on how to swim faster and more efficiently.

The goal of Oshawa Masters Swimming program is to have a low-key, dynamic and fun atmosphere with individually tailored goal setting.

Masters swims 2x week

Mondays 8pm to 9pm

Fridays 7pm to 8pm