Staff, Coaches and Directors

Staff and Coaches
Theresa Malar Executive Director
Darryl Borland Coach: Level 3 & 4
Sarah Hodge Coach: Level 2
Marcello Campanaro Strength & Conditioning Coach

Marcello Campanaro has been involved in the world of athletics for over 50 years, beginning at the age of 9 as an athlete, then teacher, coach, strength & conditioning specialist, and mentor. He has worked at various levels within the sport communities of Halton and Hamilton over the past 35 years; coaching athletes to best performances in high school and University football, and track & field. He developed a High Performance fitness program and facility at M.M.Robinson High School in Burlington where he was the Department Head of HPE for 17 years. Marcello briefly left teaching for a 2-year term to work as the Head Coach of McMaster University football. Marcello has been a Certified Strength and Conditioning specialist with the NSCA for 25 years. He is currently working with the Hamilton Aquatic and Hamilton Olympic Clubs offering program development to enhance athletic performance and growth. In addition, his work as a Performance Consultant has him supporting individual athletes in preparing for future Olympic performances in wrestling and bobsled. Marcello is the father of 3 active adolescents, his youngest child being a member of HAC for the past 4 years. As a retired Physical Education teacher, Marcello continues to pursue education and is currently completing his Masters in Sports Performance at Setanta College, Ireland. He is also an executive member of Sport Hamilton Board of Directors and is a member of the Canadian Strength and Conditioning Association Advisory team.

Lisa Hodge Assistant Coach: Level 1 
NCCP LEVEL 2 Certified

Lisa is in her 16th year coaching with HAC, and approaches swimming from a fundamentals perspective, promoting skill development and fun, and above all, a love of swimming!  A former HAC swimmer, Lisa was plucked from traditional city swim lessons to join HAC (then HWAC) and swam through her early years at university, with such coaching greats as John Butler, Nick Rottmann, Brian Bond, and Gaye Stratten.  As a former swimmer and swim mom, meet manager, and Level 3 official, Lisa brings a unique holistic perspective and experience to the pool deck.  Every swim year is a pleasure and a surprise, and each year brings hope and opportunity to discover something about ourselves – both swimmers and coaches! Lisa is NCCP Level 2 Certified 

Mike Butler Assistant Coach: Level 1
Kendra Beckman Assistant Coach: Junior Competitive Coordinator

Kendra Beckman (She/Her) is the Junior Competitive Coordinator for the 2021/2022 season at the Hamilton Aquatic Club.  Fundamentals Coach certified, Parent Council Chair, Organizer Extraordinaire, Wife and Mom to one child. If she was stranded on a deserted Caribbean island it would soon look like “The Swiss Family Robinson” treehouse and as long as there was cheesecake… well, that sounds like bliss.

 In 1995 just a few credits shy of finishing a degree in Interior Design, she left school to tour the USA with punk rock bands, acting as a tour manager. From her pre-teen years and into her mid 30’s music had an important role in her life. A three-day music festival was her first introduction into organizing big events at the tender age of 18. Full of gusto and DIY (do it yourself) ethos, with no clue she could fail. The concert was a huge success.  Music led her to having a friend group that spanned the globe. The underground and independent music scene introduced her to her husband. Following a 6 1/2 year long distance relationship, they married and she relocated to Hamilton ON. Canada.

Many unconventional paths are in thanks to a hippie mother giving her a childhood full of freedom to make her own choices and follow her passions. As a pre-teen she was diagnosed with a learning disability, which explained a lot of hardships throughout her school career. From that point on she had to teach herself different ways to learn. In th summer of 1989 she joined the high school swim team. There she started swimming double session practices to be ready for the start of the swim season. She excelled at backstroke and freestyle, ...those other strokes….Meh! Her biggest success was going to state finals swimming the 1500 freestyle and the backstroke leg in the 200 medley relay SCY(short course yards).

Those peaks and valleys gave her an unconventional twist on learning. She is a connector with a desire to build community, team work, and care for one another. These values align with her goals for the Novice program. Further goals are to initiate more crossover from higher level swimmers to demonstrate skills, showing younger swimmers what is possible, to celebrate accomplishments and to have kids learn skills on multiple planes; physical, mental and emotional. To help build resilient swimmers who can achieve big goals, and have fun!


Ben Pietrantonio Junior Competitive Coach
Alainee Mitges Junior Competitive Coach
Aisley Hodge Junior Competitive Coach
Kira Kublik Junior Competitive Coach
Tatum Kewley HAC Swim School Coordinator
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