4 HAC Swimmers to Participate in Youth ID Camps

Darren Ward

Congratulations to Halayna Montrichard (14), Kingsley Wainwright (13), Allie Shakeshaft (14) and Amy Tian (14) for being being talent identified by Swim Ontario to participate in "Virtual  Camps" following the current lock down.

Swim Ontario identified 100 girls and 100 boys from across the province who were born in 2006 or later to participate in this opportunity. These swimmers represent the most likely candidates to participate in the 2022 Canada Summer Games scheduled to be held in Niagara.

The Canada Games are an important stepping stone in an athletes career and gives them the opportunity to represent Ontario in a major games atmosphere.

This is also a feather in the cap for HAC as it can lead to future successes from other HAC swimmers down the road as success often breeds success.

We wish these 4 girls well and hope that we can see all of them competing in a few years time at the Canada Games.

Well done ladies!!