Thank you to all of HAC'S Swimmers and Donors!

Swim-A-Thon is a rite-of-passage for competitive swimmers, and we are excited to bring it back after a three-year hiatus! 

With your support, HAC has raised over $22,000! These funds will help support upgrading key equipment in the near future (i.e. updating scoreboards, electronics for hosting meets, podium and backdrop for awards).

Below are some key highlights from the 2023 Swim-a-Thon!

  • What a success! Our Swimmers SHOWED UP, worked hard and achieved their goals. We are so proud of all of our swimmer's determination to complete their goal lengths!
  • 106 Swimmers Participated!
  • 1 Coach Participated and Raised Funds!  2 coaches swam.
  • HAC families surpassed our $8,000 goal and raised $22,567 for HAC!
  • Thank you to the Events & Fundraising Committee (Deb Mawdsley, Matt Bell, Alison Grice, Karla Goar & Theresa Malar) and to the over 60 event day volunteers that contributed to a fun and successful day for our athletes!
  • Congratulations Swimmers!
  • GO HAC GO!

The fundraiser is run through Swim Canada. HAC will receive a grant for 90% of the gross amount raised through Swim-a-Thon. We expect that these funds will be disbursed to HAC in June 2023.  Of the 10% retained by Swimming Canada, the Provincial Section is given a 4% grant which Provincial Sections use to support Swim-a-Thon; 3-4% is for processing fees, updates to the Swim-a-Thon online system, and prizing; and the balance of 1-2% goes towards National swimming programs.

Prize Winners

Top Prizes
Prize First Name Last Name
Top Fundraiser Coen  Johnston
3 months off Swim Fees Olivia Mawdsley
Grand Prize
 iPad or $500 Visa Gift Card
Caleigh  Price


Water Bottle Draw
First Name Last Name
Emma Grehan
Edward Gallardo
Estefania Pereira
Sophie Goar
Zachary Bell
Danielle Li
Bella Laurenzano
Izzy Henderson-Pluim
Owen Quinn
Vallee Olinski
Audrey Muscat-Baron
Jerielyne Tiburcio
Olivia Mawdsley
Amy Meng
Charlotte Waldhuber
Sarah Douglas
Aria Keesmat
Alex Galagoda
Annabeth Boundris
Grace Blanchard


Towel Draw
First Name Last Name
Amelia Bagnall
Eli Faddoul
Will Anderson
Clara Cameron
Aubrey Bowen
Adiline Mrva-Geluch
Zachary Bell
Annabelle Donnelly
Piper Grobb
Audrey Muscat-Baron
Jerielyne Tiburcio
Emily Mawdsley
Emma Valbuena
Emmeline Sueter
Jeremy Pyper
Elliot Vraets
Jack Rollings
Alex Galagoda
Nyllah Krajewski
Caleigh Price

Thank you for your ongoing support!  We look forward to the 2024 Swim-A-Thon!