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Thanks to DELTA BINGO & GAMING for their sponsorship!

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Why support us?

Founded in 1973, the Pickering Swim Club is a non-profit organization that has relied on the generosity of our local business community for the past 45 years. Financial and in-kind donations have made it possible for our club to provide a fun, exciting and rewarding swimming experience for swimmers ages 6 to 18 in Pickering and its surrounding communities.  One of our largest expenses is pool time. Pickering Swim Club uses three local pools: at the Pickering Recreational Complex; at Dunbarton High School; and at the world-class Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre, part of the University of Toronto Scarborough campus. It is also our goal for the 2018-19 season to send our athletes to training camps and upgrade our training equipment. 

With your donation, we can reduce the cost of high-quality coaching, programming, and training facilities to our swimmers and their families and provide your business with exposure to a large like-minded market. 

How will we recognize your donation?

We run five meets a year from the Pickering Recreational Complex. These meets are attended by local, regional, provincial, and international swim club members and their families, with an average of 700 to 800 in attendance.

We sell a program at each of our meets called a Heat Sheet. In it, we dedicate space to show our appreciation for local businesses as a thank you for your generous donation. We can also feature you on our website or through one of our social media outlets; display your business cards at our meet canteens; and/or display your pop-up sign.  We are happy to discuss the options that would suit your needs best in showcasing your business. A certificate of appreciation to hang in your business will also be delivered at the end of the season.

Please consider the Sponsorship level option that works best for you:











-Heat Sheet placement (one meet)

-Heat Sheet placement (two meets)

-Heat Sheet placement (three meets)
-Mention on Facebook (each meet)

-Heat Sheet placement (four meets)
-Mention on Facebook & Twitter (each meet)
-Your business cards or brochures displayed in our canteen (each meet)

-Heat Sheet placement (five meets)
-Mention on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (each meet)
-Your business cards or brochures displayed in our canteen (each meet)
-Your logo on our website, hyperlinked to your website
-Your pop-up displayed in the pool area

Contact Beverley Wright at [email protected] for further information or to sponsor the Pickering Swim Club!


Thanks to the following suppliers for their donations during our 2018-2019 swim season: