February 2020 Swimmers of the Month

Sue Falzon-Luckhoo

The Swimmer of the Month award goes to one swimmer in each group who consistently tries their best and works hard in all that they do. They must have excellent attendance, at practice and at swim meets, so they can demonstrate their improvements during a training and competition setting. And above all, they need to have a positive attitude and be a good role model to their teammates. The Swimmer of the Month must exemplify discipline, dedication, and respect, among other values, that we try to promote to our young athletes with the Pickering Swim Club.

  • Gold/Silver swimmer of the month is Jasmine Jaswal! Jasmine  had a some great racing in the month of February. Shining in events that have not been her focus in the past. This is a perfect example of keeping options open when it come to training and racing. You never know when our machines will adapt to new strokes and new opportunities. Congrats to Jasmine for having a great racing mind set! Keep it up. We also need to watch this girl on the new TV show All around Champion!! It will air March 25th on TVO/ Knowledge network. Lets cheer her on !! Pick Pride!

  • Bronze swimmer of the month is Nicholas Gunter! After some difficult months of training and aging up just before Championship season, Nick has overcome many obstacles. He finally had a really fantastic meet at C Champs, going best times in EVERY event, taking the most time off for PSC with 60.07 seconds off, and earning TWO podium finishes (Gold in 400 free & Bronze in 200 free). What an amazing meet you had, Nick! Keep up the hard work!

  • The Blue group swimmer of the month is Meaghan Rumbolt!  Meaghan has been great during the month of February. When it is time to work, she will put her head down and not let anything distract her. Great job Meaghan!

  • Red Group swimmer of the month is Ben Capson! Ben shows great leadership skills in practice and has learned how to be the group clown but knows when to get down to business. Ben went into Festivals qualified in an astounding 5 events where he showed us he was ready to swim fast.  He did best times in all his events and took 14 seconds off in his 200BK. A great showing and a great representative for the Pickering Swim Club as I watch him make friends with swimmers from other clubs.

  • The White group swimmer of the month is Kavi Kandoi! Kavi started with the white group in January and he is rapidly improving. He has really improved his breaststroke and is showing a lot of drive. Keep it up Kavi!

  • Dev B swimmer of the month is Ryan Victor! Ryan shows maturity in his listening, focus and ability to  follow instructions with drills and stroke correction. His fast improvement in technique proves this fact and I have asked him to demonstrate for the group multiple times whereas all can emulate his technique. Ryan is an asset to my Dev B group!

  • The Dev A Swimmer of the Month is Scarlett Rohn!  Scarlett continues to train amazing. She takes initiative, always leads the lane, and in turn her strokes are more efficient and she is looking really strong! Scarlett is also a positive light in our Dev A group, always giving her all in anything that she does, whether it be during dryland, in water practice, or at swim meets. Way to go, Scarlett, you earned it!