Note:  Your Coach may recommend additional mandatory equipment, based on your group.

Basic List for Training

  • Well-fitting training swim suit. No trunks or board shorts.

  • 2 pairs of well-fitted goggles

  • 2 training caps to replace broken ones

  • Well-fitted fins – bring thin socks when purchasing.

  • A pair of thin socks with which to use fins to avoid abrasions and blisters

  • Pull buoy

  • Hockey puck

  • Kick board

  • Swim/Net Bag to carry the equipment

Basic List for Meets 

  • Navy Team suit or Tech Suit - see Team Suits for more info

  • At least 2 club caps for competitions 

  • 2 pairs of well-fitted goggles

  • 1 or 2 club t-shirts 

  • Navy pants or shorts or warm track suit


Where to buy?

Though you can purchase the above equipment at any swimming store, here are some options: