We highly recommend getting at least 2 well fitting, high quality suits that can be worn at practice and meets.

On meet days, either at home or away, all swimmers are expected to wear their Pickering team gear. The club will provide the following;

- 1 PSC logo swim cap and 1 team shirt


Not provided by the club, but expected to have;

- Navy (team colour) Swimsuits​​

What do we mean when we say “suit”?

Jammers for the boys and full one piece swimsuits for the girls. Modesty suits are also acceptable. Boys surfer style swim shorts and girls two piece suits are not acceptable.


Where can I buy the required navy suit?

Team Aquatic Supplies (TAS) is offering NAVY TYR suits to our club at 25% off. Jammers (boys) and the Maxback (girls) can be found on our team portal. Follow this link to order https://team-aquatic.com/collections/pickering-swim-club-suits  Have it shipped or pick up at their brick and mortar location located at the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre  - 875 Morningside Ave.


What about the fit?

Getting the right fit is imperative for a swimmer. If a suit is too big, it can fill up with water and slow a swimmer down. To small and it can be uncomfortable and restrict movement. Check the fit guides for tips on buying online, and measure your swimmer before you order.  If you visit a store in person, let the salesperson give you tips on fit and sizing. They are the experts!



  • As our swimmers get a little faster and begin to compete at larger more competitive meets they have the option of wearing a tech suit.  They are still required to wear their PSC caps and team shirt at meets.

  • Modesty suits are full, well fitted to the knee one piece suits. Because colours are limited black is acceptable.  These suits can also be purchased from TAS https://team-aquatic.com/pages/search-results-page?q=modesty