Scarborough Swim Club Member Guide and Policies

Welcome to the Scarborough Swim Club!  We are proud of our long and rich history.  Since 1954, we have been training children and young adults in the sport of competitive swimming with truly outstanding results. SCAR is a non-profit organization staffed by professional Coaches and run by volunteer parents/guardians.  Our revenue is generated by training fees and fundraising activities but most importantly, hosting multiple swim meets each season.

Our Club website has been designed to provide information about all aspects of the Club and swimming and to keep you connected with what is going on throughout the season.  This guide is to help familiarize parents/guardians and swimmers with the Scarborough Swim Club, club policies and the sport of competitive swimming. 

If you have questions, concerns, or ideas about any aspect of the Club, we encourage you to talk with either the Coaching Staff or a Board Member.  We’re all working hard to make this Club a success, both in and out of the water. 

For more detailed information of the Club, please refer to the Member Guide