Parent Information

Like anything when you first start it, competitive swimming and joining a volunteer run club, can be confusing. There are lots of obligations and things you need to know. Below are sources of information that you may find helpful:

Registration Package - This document includes everything that a prospective member needs to know about joining the club; group structure, costs, volunteer requirements (commitments), it is all in here. This document gets updated every Spring and is distributed to the membership in May/June.

Parent Handbook - NEW VERSION COMING THIS WEEK - This document includes a lot of information about the club and competitive swimming. It is a useful resource for new (and old) parents. We try and update this document every year. If you have any questions or concerns, or think of any areas that need to be added or modified, please let us know at

Frequently Asked Questions - NEW VERSION COMING THIS WEEK This document answers many questions that are frequently asked by parents.

Top Ten Lists for Parents, Swimmers and Coaches -  A must read for all parents and swimmers.

2017 Annual General Meeting Presentation